The latest ranking of American billiards Fu Xiaofang climbs to the top, Taipei Pool Prince leads the way

Not long ago, the Taiwan Association of Taiwanese billiards released the latest CBSA American billiards rankings for the Beijing Miyun Modern American 9-ball International Open. Ke Bingyi and Fu Xiaofang ranked first among men and women in terms of leading advantages. One.

Because this connection point has two events introduced-the global 9-ball China Open and the Beijing Miyun Hyundai American 9-ball International Open. Therefore, after deducting the previous points, the ranking list has basically changed again with two stops. Participants who mainly performed well in the event often have a large increase in span.

Chinese Taipei “Pool Prince Charming” Ke Bingyi, with the overall champion of the Chinese Open, leads the boys ranking list without any hint, leading the second place with 14,000 points, which means that he will occupy the first throne for a long time in the future. .

Similarly, the Japanese national golfer Naoyuki Oi, who won the title in Miyun, also rushed to second place due to the rich points of the championship. At the last connection point, he even ranked outside 16th.

The biggest contestant in the mainland Chinese guys is the 4th Dang Jinhu. This is due to his excellent performance in the runner-up at the China Open. If he has a good main performance in the Hongze event, he will even get involved in the top three. In addition, the rankings of the two young players have also risen sharply. Xu Xiaocong from Chongqing City won the runner-up in the Miyun Tournament, and the China Open also broke into the main event, rising to seventh place, second only to the two players of the Chinese national team, Dang Jinhu and Wu Jiaqing. And the 99-year young player Kong Dejing, who became famous in Miyun World War I and entered the finals, quickly rose to 12th based on the points of this race.

There is no objection to women ranking first. “Tide mother” Fu Xiaofang turned into a “Champion Rice Harvester” after coming out, winning two championships every month and pulling Han Yu down from his horse, who had not yet stood alone in the first position.

As another extreme, Chen Siming, who performed poorly in the last few kilometers, has already slipped from the first position to the seventh position. In front of her, there are still a few familiar faces-Liu Shasha and Kelly Fisher. , Zhou Jieyu, Han Yu and Jin Jiaying. Relatively speaking, it is not easy for women to change their ranking partly because of the excessive strength of the Chinese Army. It is just the order of several Chinese contestants.

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