9-ball star Han Yu married CCTV’s famous Chinese billiards host Jiang Yi as the emcee of ceremonies

How much does the billiard table cost? When I heard that Han Yu’s pretty young lady was about to get married, at first I felt that another golden bull in the world had crossed the “first sister” Pan Xiaoting on the road of life. As a result, the idea of ​​”Hurry up and write wishes” flooded into my heart, but after thinking about it, in July 2019, the web editor published a three-thousand-word article “26 The heart remains unchanged at the beginning of this year, and the only ones who continue to change can only be honors and honors.” “Head Type” looks back at Han Yu’s career development, and wishes her a happy birthday. What’s more, by the way, with his inferior editing skills, he did the world’s first “Han Yu’s Wonderful Ball Collection” within the scope of his eyesight. This has caused it to be difficult to press the key for a time to deal with such a big good news.

After careful consideration, the Network Editor Decision Society put down the true identity of an honest network writer, dressed in a pup’s coat, and took a deep look at the past year of Han Maoyu’s happy friendship and love post contribution.

Many people learned of Han Yu’s marriage and first turned it out in March 2018. After she won the Yushan Chinese Billiards World Championship, the big bright diamond ring was exposed at the award ceremony.

However, after the deep excavation of the internet editor, he discovered the first appearance of this diamond ring. In fact, as far back as September 3, 2017, Han Yu posted two photos on his Weibo account. At first glance, they thought it was ” The national champion teaches you the proper posture to play basketball,” but actually gave the big diamond ring a C position. After Han Yu’s own confirmation, it is indeed as the net editor guessed, “We are all together in the middle and late 17 years, so you need to see the diamond ring so clearly, it is not easy to be born as a pup, hahahahaha!”

Since then, what Han Yu will not change is that he still fights bravely on the field, and still allows himself to do manicures frequently. The difference is that there are more cute photos and less coolness. Behind every nonchalant cartoon expression is filled with a thick love girl heart bursting.

And, under the confirmation of anyone, the hair of Han Yu, the “short-haired and high-cold goddess”, is getting longer day by day. At the beginning of 2018, people suddenly realized that she actually got a small braid, and she was actually so. Feminine. But Han Yu still does not recognize that long straight hair is related to romance. “In fact, long straight hair and short hair have nothing to do with others. I prefer to change my head shape, and I feel that my age is now suitable for long hair. Hair is easier to comb. I don’t think I have a femininity and I don’t need to look at my hairstyle. After all, the characteristics of women are quite remarkable.” (Here makes this net editor think once again, “I think the perfect body should be a little bit like me…”, what a straightforward Tangshan girl)

After    Yushan was closed, he and Zhang Ronglin won the CBSA Golden Silky Yuma Cup Mixed Doubles Guangzhou Station side by side. In August, the Taishun 9-ball international league finals were unyielding and reversing Chen Siming. When everyone wondered whether Han Yu’s next surprise would be in the “Shanghai City” or “Beijing City”, no one remembered that the reference answer was “sprinkle dog food.”

Unexpectedly, a pot of super-heavy dog ​​food caused a great shock in the billiards world. What’s the reason? Married? Who is the leading actor? How did this handsome child star with the same face as Lei Jiayin, the most popular at the moment, capture Han Yu’s spring heart?

“I have known him for a long time. I didn’t notice each other only in the field. The old gentleman was very shy, very straight and handsome, and didn’t like romantic surprises. Decisions to be together are not a single moment. After all, emotional It is gradually shaped”.

Han Yu did not give everyone the time to guess too much, and quickly, people’s eyes were filled with her beautiful wedding photos, happy bridal outfits, and “confident” big red envelopes. . The very interesting “report fee” short video has also succeeded in helping Han Yu to enter the Douyin short video to follow the 10W+ network celebrity team.

Regarding the criteria for finding a target, Han Yu joked: “My criteria for finding a target is to look at my emotions.”

On September 30th, in Tangshan City, Han Yu’s hometown, he and Mr. Liu Jun held a splendid wedding banquet. Many political commissars and friends in the billiards industry were invited to attend to prove the happier life of billiard girls. Jiang Yi, the well-known name of the TV billiards game, served as the wedding emcee without foreshadowing. At the ceremony, Han Yu watched people in a beautiful wedding dress. Which image always kept short hair and was a serious fitness girl in the competition field. At this moment, Fang Fei was beautiful incomparable, and the fixed frame became eternal. .

Just two days before the wedding banquet, Fu Xiaofang won the Beijing Miyun 9-ball International Open soon. After the Shanghai 9-ball League, he became famous for the second time within a month. As a trendy mother football player , In this autumn, Fu Xiaofang is crazy for harvesting the prize. When Han Yu, who was married, was asked when we would have a chance to confirm a new mother championship together, Han Yu said: “Buddha nature gives birth to a child, and everything relies on fate…”. But regarding Han Yu’s future billiard work, Mr. Liu Jun expressed his applicability mentality, “The old man is very suitable for my job. If there is a chance in the future because I will stand up and register for the tournament, everyone at that time Just let me order more, hehe.”

Such a beautiful Han Yu married, and people drove away a young girl who was stunned in the stage, but he also entered a

The pretty bride who broke new ground again. For the beautiful young lady Han Yu, people sent their sincere wishes, happy wedding, and remember to go home a few days ago to win the championship again.

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