Trump enjoys the fan meeting, if friends meet, the win rate is 50-50

Trump who just arrived in Beijing today. Lisovsky and his agent Feng Jingwen and his party went non-stop to the Beijing Shengshi Wonderful Billiards Club and the Black Lake Billiards Club to meet and interact with the fans.

Trump and his team arrived at the event by pulling the wind Ferrari

Two cool Ferraris parked at the door of the ball house. Trump and Lisowski received two bouquets of flowers prepared by the club as soon as they got off the car, as well as the tips of fans who had been waiting at the club door for a long time. call. Despite the long-distance flight, the two of them still have smiles on their faces, and they are not tired.

After the event started, Trump first presented trophies to club members, and then played against the fans. After finishing the exhibition game with the fans, Trump started to take photos with the fans. Among them, an old fan in his 80s also came to the scene to take a photo with Trump.

Trump’s fans have a wide range of ages

While interacting, his agent Feng Jingwen also played a prediction and told reporters: “If they meet in the first round, their odds of winning are 50-50, half and half, and I can’t say who can win. ”

“Ace King” Trump saw so many fans on the scene, he was very happy, and almost satisfied all the fans’ requests for autographs and hugs. He was particularly happy and said: “The fans must be incomplete, and more will be better! As the spokesperson of Xingpai, I can see so many fans every time, I am very happy. Every time under the arrangement of Xingpai I can meet with fans and fulfill their wishes. I like this feeling.”

On March 26, in the first round of the China Open, Trump will face the winner between his friend Lisovsky and the teenager Zhou Yuelong.

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