Played 32 Rockets games in two months to become Superman, doze off the court and become God of War in seconds

From the evening of December 14th to early morning of the next day, Beijing time, the 2017 Snooker Scottish Open will continue in Glasgow. O’Sullivan, the busiest in the past two months, finally couldn’t conceal his sleepiness. He frequently closed his eyes in his seat and took a nap. But once he returned to the table, he immediately rejuvenated and became a lion. The double match in one day did not stop him from advancing, and he added two more victories that day and broke into the quarterfinals unstoppable.


In the first game of the day, facing Chinese player Li Xing who just set a new high this season, O’Sullivan did not have any softness. In the first three games, he scored 70 and 103 points in a single stroke, leading 2-1. Li Xing won two consecutive games 3-2 to get the match point. However, in the face of the highly motivated Rockets, Li Xing has never been able to run to the finish line first. O’Sullivan scored 65 and 80 points in a single stroke, and Li Xing was reversed 3-4.

In the next 1/8 finals, O’Sullivan showed off 92 points and 75 points in a single stroke, 4-1 Rick Welsh star Michael White, and advanced to the top 8.

Counting from the English Open on October 16th, it is exactly two months to today. O’Sullivan during this period can be called “Superman”. He won seven consecutive wins at the English Open. Although he only played one game at the National Championships, it took a lot of energy to fly from the UK to China and then return from China to the UK. Immediately afterwards, he played four games in the Champions League Invitational and met Murphy in the final.

hasn’t done any rest, he flew to China non-stop. At the Shanghai Masters, he was unstoppable and won the championship. He played six games back and forth. Immediately back to England, he fought three rounds at the Northern Ireland Open.

Facts later proved that the Northern Ireland Open was out early, just to usher in a bigger outbreak. Sure enough, in the next two-week marathon, he once again had the last laugh in the second-largest ranking tournament in the British Championships, dedicating seven high-quality games, fully demonstrating his superb skills, and Strong energy and fighting spirit.

At the current Scottish Open in Glasgow, he added four more victories in the first four match days. In other words, in just two months, he played 32 games and spared the earth two laps.

During the game that day, O’Sullivan finally couldn’t hold it anymore, and took advantage of the referee’s swing between the innings, leaning his head against the seat and closing his eyes. Although O’Sullivan often makes unexpected surprises, it is rare that he seems to fall asleep during the game. Once back to the table, he immediately turned into a lion again, making his opponents desperate.

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