Pan Xiaoting appeared in the Shanghai Games Burning Power Promotional Video to show off his youthful vitality

Xingpai pool table. On September 28th, the 16th session of Shanghai’s exercise came as scheduled. As the mysterious guest of that evening, Pan Xiaoting not only produced a series of unexpected surprises on the spot, in addition, the true identity of the special guest host was also quite fascinating. note. Chinese sports star Pan Xiaoting, known as the “Queen of Nine Balls”, has a vital influence in disseminating snooker culture and art, promoting sportsmanship and other industries in addition to doing her own job. Being a player means being invited. Attending the opening meeting also added a lot of positive social energy to this session of physical exercise.

The opening meeting of the City Games kicked off in a promotional video with Pan Xiaoting as the axis. In the short video, driving in a racing suit from the F1 circuit, passing by the Oriental Sports Center, Hongkou Football Stadium and several of the most landmark stadiums in Shanghai, and finally going directly to the opening ceremony of the Games-Shanghai University of Finance and Economics gym. The scenery along the way is dazzling, and the youth and children everywhere are brisk, charming, and graceful, all highlighting the new atmosphere of the “Chinese Youth Talk” period. As a mysterious guest, Pan Xiaoting stepped from the screen to the spot, and practiced singing and singing the opening music “Happy Wind”, which immediately ignited the atmosphere of the whole scene, and when he kicked off the ball and announced physical exercise, he announced a long voyage.

In addition to the audience’s vision of Pan Xiaoting’s distinctive demeanor as a player, the opening meeting was also overwhelmed by her elegant atmosphere as the host of the show. She wears a champagne-colored dress and miniskirt, and she is also young and beautiful, and she is partnered with a technical professional program host, who is never psychologically nervous. Looking at it, Pan Xiaoting, who loves to continue to test herself, is once again attracting fans with her “speech eloquence” expertise.

The competition field is like a brave battle for the honor, and the competition field is to discover a large number of probabilities in life. Pan Xiaoting has completely changed the letter of “youth and youth” with her own hands. This is not only the continuation of the sportsmanship, but also the current youth and children. It created a role model and explained the overall strength of the slogan of this Shanghai City Games “Charming City Games, Shining Youth and Youth”.

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