Ding Junhui breaks one hundred in the world championships, overtakes Xiao Guodong 6-3 in the first stage

On the evening of April 23, Beijing time, the second Chinese civil war in the first round of the 2018 World Snooker Championships started between Ding Junhui and Xiao Guodong. In the first stage, Ding Junhui fell behind 0-2 and made a strong attack, winning four games in a row and scoring 124 points. After the first nine rounds, Ding Junhui led 6-3.


In his professional career, Ding Junhui continued to win gold medals in other major ranking competitions. Only in the heaviest World Championships, he has not been able to taste the championship, which really made the fans sigh. But overall, Ding Junhui’s performance in Crucible is on the rise. Especially the year before last, he made a historic final and set an Asian player’s best record in Cruzeiro, showing that he is steadily adapting to the ultra-long game system of the World Championships. With this momentum going on, it is only a matter of time before Ding Junhui achieves a new breakthrough.

The opponent in the first round was Xiao Guodong, an old teammate he was very familiar with, who played from the qualifying round. Before the two sides played against each other five times, Ding Junhui had four wins and one loss. For Ding Junhui, who has had a lot of ups and downs this season, the first round of the civil war helped him enter the role as soon as possible with a more relaxed attitude.

The game will be played in 19 rounds with 10 wins, divided into two stages, with nine rounds in the first stage. At the beginning of the game, Xiao Guodong entered the game first with 82 points in a single stroke. In the second round, Ding Junhui scored 54 points intermittently and returned without success. Xiao Guodong scored 54 points in a single stroke to make the score 2-0 with 69-54.

With Ding Junhui’s successful adjustment, the game began to develop in his favor. In the 3rd inning, Ding Junhui seized a chance to stabilize the situation with 68 points on a single stroke, and then he rewritten the score to a 2-2 tie 88-43.

After the break, Ding Junhui returned strongly, scoring 124 points in a single shot and scoring the first shot of the game, achieving a 3-2 overtake.

In the 6th inning, the two sides held tightly during the entanglement. Ding Junhui lost the final pink ball 62-46 in the late game. Xiao Guodong tried to do snooker but was resolved by Ding Junhui one by one. In the end, Ding Junhui scored a pink ball to win the game, and after winning four games in a row, he led Xiao Guodong 4-2 in two games.

After the outbreak of the fourth round, Ding Junhui briefly fluctuated and missed the phone meeting twice in the seventh round. Xiao Guodong attacked three times to rewrite the score to 3-4.

In the 8th inning, Ding Junhui regrouped after some mistakes and a single shot with 57 points to win the game, the score was 5-3. In the last round of the first stage, under the suppression of Ding Junhui, Xiao Guodong felt colder and colder. Ding Junhui scored 72 points in a single shot and scored another victory. After the first nine rounds, he led Xiao Guodong 6-3 in three rounds. The second stage of the match between the two sides will be held at 17:00 Beijing time on the 24th.

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