Chinese team A beats Wales to enter the semifinals Ding Junhui: the details of the game must be done well

On July 8, the quarter-finals of the 2017 Wuxi Snooker World Cup officially started. At 19:30, Group B defeated the Hong Kong group second-ranking Chinese A team and Group A first Welsh team 3-2 at the last minute. When they meet, their winner will face Thailand, which is the first to advance to the semi-finals in a 4-1 victory over Iran this afternoon. In the end, after nearly two hours of competition, the Chinese A team defeated Wales 4-1 and advanced to the semi-finals to be held at 13:00 tomorrow.


Throughout the game, Ding Junhui was in a hot state, while Mark Williams was slightly depressed. Liang Wenbo recovered his form after yesterday’s downturn and took the lead in getting a good start for the Chinese A team. Next, Ding Junhui scored 68 points in a single stroke and 62 points in a single stroke in doubles, allowing the Chinese A team to easily get the match point 3-0. Although Ryan Day scored 69 in the fourth game to Wales to save a game, but in the fifth game Ding Junhui did not let the opportunity slip away 71-32 to accept the whole game.

At the press conference after the game, the two people relaxedly accepted interviews with reporters. Regarding today’s performance, Liang Wenbo concluded: “Today’s performance is better than yesterday’s, so I will play a little easier. On the whole, Xiaohui and I played more steadily today to allow the game to end in this way.”

In the last game with Mark Williams, Ding Junhui said: “In the last set, both sides were more cautious. There were a lot of defenses in the middle, and I did not choose to take the risk of attacking. The third red ball was not played well, which led to some opportunities later. I didn’t catch it. But luck was on our side in the end, and it was a tie with the key balloon of Ryan Day. The most important thing was to win the game.”

A reporter asked how he made adjustments when he went back to Dabo yesterday. He explained: “If there is a problem, you have to summarize it yourself. Xiaohui’s condition is getting better and better, and I have to use my level to reduce pressure for him. In fact, every time Every day is different. Every time I get to a new game, I will try my best to hit every ball.” For tomorrow’s semi-final opponent Thailand, Ding Junhui said that every opponent should pay attention to it, because the more In the future, the competition will be more difficult and the details will be better.

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