Li Hewen laments that the competition of Chinese billiards is not as good as that of the past. The new generation is optimistic about Zheng Yubo

On May 24, 2012, the first “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament kicked off in Zhengzhou. Li Hewen easily won two consecutive victories and entered the top 16. In an interview, Li Hewen said that the fierce competition of Chinese billiards is much less than that of the past. Some top players still have many loopholes. He still has a lot of advantages in the game. Among all the new generation players, Li Hewen is very optimistic about Zheng Yubo.

For those familiar with Chinese billiards, Li Hewen is undoubtedly a very important name. Before the transition to fancy billiards, Li Hewen started from the northeast and almost captured all the honors of Chinese billiards. It is also in the field of Chinese billiards that he has achieved too many successes. Later, Li Hewen decided to shift his focus to 9 balls and seek a breakthrough on a larger stage. Since switching to fancy 9-ball, Li Hewen has rarely appeared in Chinese billiards games, but almost all of his few appearances ended in championships. The National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament kicked off in Zhengzhou, and Li Hewen returned to the Chinese billiards arena. So far, Li Hewen has won two consecutive victories and entered the top 16.

Regarding his current level of Chinese billiards, Li Hewen frankly stated that he still has some advantages compared with other players. In Li Hewen’s view, the level of motivation of Chinese billiards games is much less than that of the past. “Ling Yi, Ma Zhiyu, Qiao Fengwei and I should be a group of players. At that time, the competition was very fierce. Now there are more than ten players who have the strength to compete for the championship. Most of them debuted later than me, such as Wang Yan, Wang Peng, Chen Qiang, etc., but According to my observation, there are still many holes in their ball.” Li Hewen said.

Li Hewen said that Liu Haitao is the strongest among all the current players. “He has a stable mentality, a clear head at critical moments, and his usual style. I admire Liu Haitao,” Li Hewen said. Among the new generation of players, Li Hewen is most optimistic about Zheng Yubo (Zheng Tianyao), “I have seen Zheng Yubo’s several games. He has good skills and dare to play. He is not soft at critical moments. He will definitely achieve success in the future. But now Zheng Yubo plays. Some are radical, and the overall situation is not very good. The combination of offense and defense is the area that needs improvement most.”

Xie Huijie, the world’s No. 10 ball champion in this competition, will inevitably have more fancy pool players transitioning to Chinese billiards in the future. Regarding the transition between the two sports, Li Hewen believes that the transition from fancy pool to Chinese billiards It’s easier than transitioning from Chinese billiards to fancy pool. “There are also 8-ball games in the world, which are only played on fancy tables. Therefore, fancy players have no problem in their conceptual consciousness. Chinese billiards call the cue ball. The distance to the subball is generally relatively close, so the accuracy problem is not difficult to make up. On the contrary, the transition from Chinese billiards to fancy billiards requires a long transition period. In recent years, many players such as Wang Yun and Dai Yong have In the transition to fancy pool, except for Dai Yong’s success, other players are still groping.”

As for which fancy billiard balls can play well in Chinese billiards, Li Hewen also gave a technical prediction, “This problem requires technical analysis. I think Reyes, Bustamandi and Zhang Yulong, etc., use rowing style. The stability of the players of the ball is relatively poor, and there will be some major problems in accuracy when transitioning to Chinese billiards, but some players with stable shots and solid basic skills will not have such a big trouble, such as Ke Bingyi and Zhang Ronglin of Chinese Taipei. And Appleton in Europe and America.”

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