Suzhou Billiards Association was formally established, multi-pronged efforts to actively create a new paradise_Billiards_Billiards

On September 1, 2019, the Suzhou Billiards Association founding exchange meeting and the first federation meeting was held in the Suzhou Municipal Committee Veterans Bureau. Zhou Zhifang, Director of the Suzhou Sports Bureau, Liu Chunsheng, Chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association, and other leading cadres participated in the conference and served for billiards. The unveiling ceremony of the seminar.

For more than ten years, many billiard players in Suzhou have been keen to participate in provincial and even national billiard fitness sports organizations, the establishment of billiard clubs, the on-the-spot performance of the referees, and the communication and exchanges of the provincial billiard research associations. The lack of a service platform has severely restricted the development trend of billiard fitness. Under this background picture, the establishment of the Suzhou Billiards Research Association brooks no delay.

On October 31, 2018, more than 10 snooker players from Suzhou went to Zhangjiagang Guotai Taihua Co., Ltd. to set up the preparatory group for the Suzhou Snooker Research Association and held the first preparatory meeting. The planning team members unanimously strongly recommended Chen Yuxiang, the CEO of Suzhou Xianrui Pharmaceuticals, as the team leader of the preparation team, and reached an agreement on the planning and establishment of the Suzhou Billiard Research Association. Since the establishment of the preparatory group, there have been 4 county (district)-level billiard research associations; 15 billiard clubs with a large scale, reputation and great harm in the big city of Suzhou; industrialists, referees, and enthusiasts who are passionate about billiards and fitness. There are a total of more than 50 members including famous players, including 11 Communist Party members.

Before the exchange meeting was established, the first member meeting of the Suzhou Billiard Research Association had been held. The general election resulted in the membership roster of the Federation and the Supervisory Board of the Research Association. Mr. Chen Yuxiang, the CEO of Suzhou Xianrui Pharmaceutical, was appointed as Huisheng, and sold by Suzhou Lock Manufacturing Factory. Section supervisor and national first-level referee Xue Zuming, Suzhou Endpoint Billiards Club Manager Ding Bin, Suzhou Jiayi Billiards Club Manager Luo Run, Suzhou Park Willy Billiards Club Manager Wei Wei, Suzhou Xinyang Sports Industry Co., Ltd. Manager Wang 1. Yin Zhuorui, Chairman of Zhangjiagang Billiards Research Association, Huacheng, Chairman of Changshu Billiards Association, Wu Renmin, Vice Chairman of Kunshan Billiards Research Association, served as vice chairman, Manager of Suzhou Wailian Trading Co., Ltd., national first-level referee of billiards Zhang Yong is the chairman of the board.

Suzhou Billiards Research Association was established by the Suzhou Sports Bureau, committed to further promoting the smooth development of Suzhou billiards, the development trend of physical and mental health, and the rational progress of national sports. According to the association’s charter: the research committee’s working department has a secretariat, a competition marketing and promotion federation, a referee federation, and a finance department. In all the normal daily affairs of the research meeting, basically, increase the publicity planning and marketing promotion of the billiard fitness sport. The plan is based on the holding of various competitions (six stations in the 19-20 season of the Southern Jiangsu Grand City Open (2 stations have been held), Suzhou Billiards Open, Yangtze River Delta Seniors Billiards Friendship Tournament, etc.), according to the holding of national second and third-level referee training institutions and coach training institutions, according to the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui Yangtze River Delta Brothers Research Association exchange meetings and the introduction of private investment funds into billiard fitness sports, Bring the work to a deeper level, and make the Suzhou Billiards Research Association a service platform for many players to communicate and exchange, the hot soil and the happy garden.

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