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As the only Chinese player in the quarter-finals of the current Snooker World Open, Zhou Yuelong played against Karen Wilson, the “post-90s young king” on stage 1 on the afternoon of the 1st. After 8 rounds of competition, Zhou Yuelong finally Lost to opponents 3-5 and stopped in the top 8.

In the game last night, Zhou Yuelong 5-2 beat the winner of this event in 2016, “Captain” Ali Carter. Today, the “only seedling” of the Chinese players will compete with Karen Wilson for a ticket to advance to the semi-finals.

In the first game, Zhou Yuelong got the upper hand with 65 points and zero seals against opponents in the first game. Soon, Wilson returned with 119 points in a single shot in the second game. In the next two games, Wilson continued to expand the score advantage and fixed the score in the first half at 3-1. In the second half, Zhou Yuelong won the fifth and seventh innings, but such performance still couldn’t stop the progress of “囧哥”. In the end, Wilson ended the whole game with a stroke of 52 points.

“Today I made a lot of active mistakes, but on the contrary, I did not do well in seizing the opportunity.” Zhou Yuelong made a simple summary of the game.

With Ding Junhui out last night, Zhou Yuelong became the “only seedling” of the Chinese Army. Such a situation made the 21-year-old teenager feel pressure. “At this time, I want to perform better, but when the opportunity comes, I can’t handle it calmly, wasting a lot of opportunities.”

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