Star Red Bull Cup high-energy upgrades to cross the line of fire, success and joy close to the temple fair ring

On July 4, 2015, the Xingpai-Red Bull Cup Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Club League kicked off. The two Beijing divisions started at the same time. After two days of fierce competition, 16 teams from the Beijing division took the lead in qualifying for the city semi-finals. The tight competition gaps ushered in the high-profile midfield event time. This year, “Crossing the Line of Fire” ushered in the “high-energy upgrade version”, which was vividly called the “temple fair ring” by the challenger.

This “high-energy upgrade version of the cross-fire” battle appeared in front of everyone and immediately played an “eye-catching” effect. The challengers were eager to try, and the spirit of refusing to admit defeat really surprised the editor. Let’s introduce the rules of the game.

Game premise:

Buy a can of Red Bull Drink

game rules:

16 cans of Red Bull drinks and a cover are scattered on the table surface, and the six pockets are clockwise to place the No. 1 ball-the No. 6 ball. The challenger needs to hit the six balls into the bag in sequence starting from the No. 1 ball, halfway through. The white ball cannot touch any can of Red Bull and obstructions.

Game rewards:

Three goals to reward a can of Red Bull

score four goals to reward four cans of Red Bull

Five goals to reward five cans of Red Bull

score six goals to reward six cans of Red Bull

This exciting midfield challenge event attracted many fans present. After careful speculation and practice, scenes of receiving rewards appeared one after another, and even challengers who refused to admit defeat bought Red Bull several times. Conquering these six obstacle-laden sack shots, and this “high-energy challenge” in which every goal is extremely cautious, and the words of the surrounding people will affect the feel of the hand, the final victory is also very exciting.

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