Masters get together, a few happy, a few sad, Mei Lin

On November 30th, the 2016 BSA “Groom Wine” Cup Chinese Billiards China Open officially kicked off in Tangshan Stadium. According to the schedule, on the first day of the game, a total of 32 male players and 16 female players entered the next stage of the elimination round.

Throughout today’s game, the audience’s biggest feeling is that many talented players have encountered a “round tour”, including Li Hewen, Zhang Guanghao, Xiao Liu Chuang, Liu Yang, Li Bo, Dai Yong, etc. People will wonder why this happened? Let’s take a look at the players who have advanced-Zheng Yubo, Yang Fan, Wang Yun, Shi Hanqing, Qiu Paomou, Chu Bingjie, Meng Fanyu, Xie Zhaohui and a group of strong players advance to the next round. Almost all the top national competitions gathered by the top domestic players, the chance of the upset is not very high. Almost every game is a duel between the strong and the strong. The skill and tactics of the master duel are among the best, and the status and luck have a great effect on the ball. Therefore, it is not surprising that many masters encounter a “round trip”.

In terms of foreign players, Izawa Katsuyuki defeated Ning Xufei 3:7; Patrick Holtz encountered the top domestic player Zheng Yubo in his first match. Although he was tenacious to save a match point, he still lost 4:7 to his opponent; Kelly Fei With two shots clearing the table and leading 2:0, Xue Xue was pulled 5 games in a row by the teenager Wang Ye, who could not escape the fate of being eliminated; only Chris Merlin easily defeated his opponent with a score of 7:3 to advance to the next round.

It can be seen that foreign players are still unable to compete with domestic players in the short term. Patrick said after the game: “I feel like my opponent is very strong. I have to spend a long time getting used to Chinese billiards, but I will definitely participate in the Chinese billiards World Championships!” When the reporter told him Zheng Yubo’s status in the domestic billiards world. When, he gave a thumbs up.

On November 1, the 2016 BSA “Groom Wine” Cup Chinese Billiards China Open will continue to be held at the Tangshan City Stadium. The official website of the Chinese Billiards Association, LeTV Sports, and Penguin will be broadcast live. The live broadcast address is attached below:

Taiwan Association’s official website live broadcast:


LeTV Sports (You can also download the LeTV Video APP to watch)


Enterprise live broadcast (you can also download the Penguin Live App to watch)


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