Chinese Billiards World Championship: Or accelerate the popularization of Chinese billiards?

On March 13, China? Shangrao? Yushan 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship will be held in Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. As the world’s top event that promotes the popularization of Chinese billiards and officially enters the world, why can Xingpai play an important role? How was the response from Star Distributors and grassroots clubs? What is the future of Chinese billiards? The reporter interviewed Xingpai distributors in Shenyang, Dalian, Daqing, Beijing, Nanjing, Jiangxi and other places and representatives of tens of thousands of billiard clubs, and listened to their stories about Chinese billiards.

The voice of the times of a community with a shared future

At present, the number of many ball rooms has been saturated. The next two, three, or even three to five years will be the reshuffle of the entire billiard industry. Survival of the fittest, a good operating environment, excellent table quality, and being a big brand will be rigid indicators.

Xingpai, as a well-known brand of pool tables in the world, has set a benchmark in terms of quality, service, brand influence, and common development with dealers, and has achieved a community of destiny.

Beijing Xinkai Yunda Stationery Co., Ltd. Fu Sixin told reporters, “Before 2005, the company distributed low-end tables as the main structure and low-end consumables as the main configuration. After 2008, professional and branded tables were the major trend. The integration of professional consumables is the main demand, and Xingpai billiards plays a major role. Xingpai has gone from obscurity to the international stage. It will not be such a great achievement without quality, technology, and market precipitation. It will definitely lead the whole The billiard industry is heading for a new future.”

Zunxiang Life Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. Du Lian fancy Xingpai’s position in the hearts of consumers and its influence. Xingpai also provides various services and support for the establishment of clubs. Beijing Yinghua Lianzhong Billiards Club Yin Xiangang also values ​​the brand-respects the choice of billiard fans. Everyone likes the brand and certainly has its charm. Nanjing Gezhibao (Night Fashion) Billiards Club Qiu Zige said: “Xingpai is a well-known brand recognized by everyone. At the same time, the after-sales service is relatively complete and enthusiastic. After comprehensive consideration, it is a wise choice to purchase Xingpai products.” Jiangxi Jiujiang Cassile The billiard club Zhao Shuming chose the most comprehensive consideration, including brand influence, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service.

Daqing Longfeng District Zhida Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. High School Stone has a deeper understanding of Xing Brand. In the past few years, some municipal units chose other brands considering the price relationship. It has been scrapped, and the star pool table purchased by their unit in the 1990s is still in use today. Regarding the dealership policy, he believes that only a win-win situation is the long-term strategy of the company. Xingpai and dealers are in the same boat and have a heart-to-heart. From the perspective of both sides, finding the greatest common divisor is the real driving force for business development!

The brand power of the event

In 2015, Xingpai hosted the Chinese Billiards World Championships and Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, which not only strengthened the brand position of Xingpai, but also provided sales support to the development of distributors and clubs. The important thing is that the competition and sales complement each other.

Daqing Longfeng District Zhida Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. High School Shi said: “I greatly appreciate Xingpai’s active participation in the Chinese Billiard World Championships. I hope to promote our products more, contact major companies, and win more sponsors. In the competition, we strive to win the situation without losing, and try our best to cultivate capable and credible talents who serve the competition. Let the competition bloom all over the country, which will surely promote the sales of star pool tables. Through the competition, the billiard fans and even the people of the whole country will understand and wish. Using Xingpai products, we will fully cooperate with the competition.” In 2015, the World Snooker Championship was held in Daqing. High School Stone dispatched installers to provide all-weather services, from unloading, handling, installation to the event during the event. Being his home, being personally on the scene and directing, he was not polite to give his opinions, which greatly promoted the star brand sales. He said that he hoped that some distributors could be invited to participate in the Chinese World Championships and Championships. He especially wanted to watch this Chinese billiards game.

Beijing Xinkai Yunda Stationery Co., Ltd. Fu Sixin said that the aim of the competition is to let more billiard fans participate in billiards and understand the performance of the star pool table, which will greatly enhance the fans’ awareness and dependence on the star brand. Achieve popularization. He took his own view on the relationship between competitions and sales, “Dealers are part of Xingpai’s entire system. We should pass Xingpai’s new trends, new products, and new activities to every possible customer in a timely manner, so that Xingpai can reach thousands of households. I think in addition to the technical guarantee for the event, the Xingpai sales market should also be provided with strong pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales protections, showing the strong brand strength of Xingpai. The front is tight, the rear is tight, and the front events are promoted. The service must be able to meet sales needs.”

As one of the organizers of the 12th stop of the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Zunxiang Life Culture Exchange Co., Ltd. Du Lian hopes to make some improvements in the competition system. Beijing Yinghua Lianzhong Billiards Club Yin Xiangang believes that the holding of the Chinese Billiards World Championship has a profound impact on the entire billiard industry and is an important driving force for the development of the billiard industry. All future billiard stars must go out of the billiard industry operators.

Century Kangzhuo Wang Jingzhang pointed out, “Chinese billiards have a broad mass base, simple rules, and easy to use, so that more snooker, nine ball and other players can join the game, making the game more dynamic. Xingpai is a world championship. The organizer has a great role in promoting brand promotion. The competition can give fans and fans a deeper understanding of the product and brand, promote brand awareness, and make sellers trust the brand and understand the product more. It is recommended during the competition period. Let players and star dealers have more opportunities to interact with each other, organize seminars so that local dealers can learn more about the development of the industry, set up a meeting between stars and billiards fans, and increase the influence and affinity of the game.” Zhuo Company will promote the event through the employees’ personal WeChat and the company’s official account, and carry out the event-related promotion on the Xingpai Tmall flagship store.

Zhao Shuming, the Cassile Billiards Club of Jiujiang, Jiangxi, told reporters, “The hosting of the World Championships is a good publicity for the development of the entire billiards industry. During the game, I hope to give more game tickets to the Star Club. I hope that Stars will sponsor more provincial-level tournaments. Competition.” said Qiu Zige of the Nanjing Gezhibao (Night Fashion) Billiards Club. The entire event was very shocking in terms of venue, scale and grade. The follow-up promotion of the event and the selection and preparation of various regions need to be more adequate.

Pang Biao, Shenyang Kangda Billiards Supplies, said that bringing all the world’s top players over to play a Chinese billiards game will make Chinese billiards more accessible to the world. Like the Chinese Billiard World Championships, open tournaments, elite tournaments, and Xingpai Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournaments should be held more, so that more billiard fans can participate in the game and feel the atmosphere of the game, in order to better promote the brand of Xingpai tables.

The popularization dream of Chinese billiards

Beijing He Lotte Hua Technology Development Co., Ltd. Yang Xianbin pointed out that with the live broadcast of TV and Internet media activities, billiards has entered the lives of ordinary people and has become a major fitness and entertainment activity in people’s lives. I hope that more billiard stars will come from the grass roots, not professional professional players. When this state is reached, the Chinese billiards market will grow bigger and more people like billiards.

Zunxiang Life Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. Du Lian has his own opinions. “I personally feel that the awareness and acceptance of Chinese billiards in Beijing is 100%. Basically, people who consume Chinese billiards choose Chinese billiards. I think it is vigorous in the country. Today, when the sports industry is promoted, I am full of confidence in billiards as an industry integrating leisure, sports and entertainment.”

Deconstructing the top-level billiards event experience hall Xi Chunliang believes that Chinese billiards can promote the sustainable development of billiards. Nanjing Gezhibao (Night Fashion) Billiards Club Qiu Zige told his story, “Before the establishment of our club, no club in Nanjing (urban area) used Chinese-style tables. The initial preparations were based on the grandson of Xingpai Jiangsu Branch. The manager’s suggestion is to try Chinese billiard tables (be the first person to eat crabs). Now it seems that the effect is very good. Other ball rooms in Nanjing have been affected by us and have been adding Chinese billiard tables one after another. From our club’s point of view, it is also every day The Chinese table is full before the fancy table.” The person in charge of Beijing Lisheng Sports Commercial Building believes that billiards is a popular sport. There are both commercial billiards rooms and units for cultural and sports activities, as well as a large number of individual families. Purchase, the market prospect is broad.

The Chinese Billiards World Championship has been praised by the world’s six major billiard organizations, supported by Shangrao City Government and Yushan County Government, sponsored by Xingpai, and sponsored by Delle and Shangling Elevator. It has been greatly recognized by many distributors and clubs, and it has occupied the time. , Location, harmony, 2016 will open a new page!

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