O’Sullivan rejects the upset at the World Championships 10-7 to reverse Maguire into the second round

On the evening of April 22, Beijing time, the 2018 World Snooker Championship entered the second match day. In the focus of the second stage of the first round, O’Sullivan, the five-time World Championship champion, refused to be upset on him. He turned against Maguire with a strong 7-1, with a total score of 10-7, reversing the victory and advancing to the top 16. In the 1/8 finals, O’Sullivan’s opponents emerged in Dortmund and Carter.


The start of this year’s World Championships was cold and rare in previous years. In the first to end the game, the defending champion Selby, who is now ranked number one in the world, has been eliminated. Second seed O’Sullivan struggled in the first stage of the first day, losing four games in a row. He then managed to reverse the situation with two strokes and fell behind Maguire 3-6 in the first nine games.

The game entered the second stage. In the 10th game, O’Sullivan actively attacked and took a decisive shot from a far station, but only scored 41 points without making a black ball, so he could only switch to defense. Maguire tried far away, but the goal ball stopped at the corner of the pocket. O’Sullivan continued to score, adding another 35 points to win the game, and the total score was 4-6.

In the 11th game, Maguire scored 49 points in a row and missed the red ball accidentally, missing a perfect opportunity to win by one shot. In the face of a simplified situation, O’Sullivan smoothly scored 86 points on a single stroke, only one game away.

In the 12th game, O’Sullivan led 59-32 with all the colored balls left on the table. O’Sullivan sent 4 points with a mistake in the defensive battle. Maguire’s offensive to the final pink ball fell short. O’Sullivan won three games in a row and tied Maguire 6-6 in one fell swoop.

Then Maguire scored the 13th inning with 84 points on a single stroke. O’Sullivan received the 14th inning 69-4, and the two sides shook hands again with a 7-7 tie.

In the 15th inning, O’Sullivan scored 14-52 in the round and rushed to catch up. He reversed with 53 points in a single shot and achieved a lead over 8-7 for the first time. Maguire’s turnovers under pressure increased, and he scored 17 points in the 16th inning, wasting a good situation. On the other hand, O’Sullivan was clearly getting better. O’Sullivan scored 77 points on a single stroke and won the match point 9-7.

The game came to the 18th game. As in the previous game, Maguire only scored a negligible ten points before surrendering the ball. O’Sullivan scored 41 points and missed a yellow ball inadvertently, but he did not leave Maguire with any offensive opportunities. After a few rounds, Maguire revealed his flaws again. O’Sullivan secured the victory. After a solid counter-attack against Maguire 7-1, the total score was 10-7 to complete the reversal and advance to the top 16.

In another match at the same time, Masters champion Mark Allen temporarily led Hayfield 6-3.

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