The 21st round of the Dingao battle will be staged on the 5th, coincides with O’Sullivan’s 44th birthday

Chinese billiards. On the seventh day of the 2019 Snooker Championship, all the top 16 of the event were released. O’Sullivan and Ding Junhui appeared at the same time. The Rockets were able to come up with their best form and still easily repelled Sancam. Ding Junhui carried Carter’s counterattack. , Won the Masters qualification card game, and the two snooker top players will have a direct dialogue in the next round of competition, which coincides with O’Sullivan’s birthday; in addition, Liang Wenbo and Yan Bingtao both gained victory.

The 21st round of the Dingao battle will be staged on the 5th, coincides with O'Sullivan's 44th birthday

Full results on December 3rd:

O’Sullivan 6-2 Sancam, Ding Junhui 6-4 Carter

Maguire 6-2 Dott, Liang Wenbo 6-4 Sharap

Gary Wilson 6-1 Perry, Selby 6-3 O’Donnell

Yan Bingtao 6-3 Lisowski, White 6-5 Mark Davis

In response to the Filipino football player Noppen Sancam, O’Sullivan made a mistake in using the enemy in the first game. He scored a steady blood for the second time. Sancam led 51-1 in the second streak and lost his chance when he exceeded the score. O’Sullivan made a brutal and unreasonable shock to make up the ball and ignited the whole field, but immediately he missed a simple attack and Sancam was enough to equalize the score. From the second round of the competition, O’Sullivan often held the tractor’s waist, as if he felt a little discomfort on the body. After the game, he was informed that it was a foot injury, but the fire teacher who was not in 100% of the situation still could not deal with it. He scored 76 points on a single stroke You have the right to lead again. O’Sullivan made a mistake in the attack in the 4th game and gave a large ball to the enemy, but Sancam still failed to hack to death with one shot. O’Sullivan docked and cleared the Taiwan again. After the fourth game, despite his data information It does not have a big advantage, the total score is only 26 points more than the other side, but it is still a significant advantage of 3-1.

After taking a break and returning home, they both made mistakes several times. In each of the next rounds, the situation rushed to 4-2. Since then, O’Sullivan has scored 97 points in a single stroke. However, the 8th round was about to exceed the points. He was because The running position is not ideal. After Snow’s attack in the bag is fruitless, Sancam gets started. With the assistance of the horoscope ball, he has the opportunity to reverse a single game by 1 point. However, the Thais have simply lost the professional skills of continuous attack this time. Home, even if it was six colored balls that would fix the point, he failed to clear it successfully. No matter how good the fortune ball, he couldn’t resist the simple mistakes he basically made in every game. Finally, the fire teacher scored the pink ball. , Finished the event 6-2 and was the first to get a seat in the top 16 in this Champions League. The win this time was O’Sullivan’s 90th victory in the history of the British Championships, and then the first time across the history of Richardson’s private British Championships.

In another event, Ding Junhui and Qazi had a quota run for the championship this time. No matter how they lose, they will become more and more general in this competition. In response to such a critical battle, Ding Junhui seems to have prepared in advance, with the least attack level compared to the middle round, with

Significant improvement. In the half-time four games, Ding Junhui scored 64, 104, 52 and 59 points in a single stroke. Relatively, there is no best situation for card holders. There are a few limited times on mobile phones and can’t be converted into continuous scoring from start to finish. , The defense is also not superb, with only 60 points accumulated in four rounds, as if it was announced that the second half of the game was in waste time.

But stubborn as a card holder, it is not easy to give up at will. After a simple adjustment, he welcomed his own touch. The two consecutive single-stroke scores were 100 and 85 points respectively. These two games basically put Ding Junhui in the seat. Guizai didn’t cool Ding Junhui’s situation completely. After receiving the ball in the next game, he scored 71 points, 5-2 to get the match point, and the winners in the seven games after the completion of the game often have high single-stroke scores. . Stuck at the critical juncture of the 8th game, with the continuous two-shot super-dead-core long platform, it was enough to make the game again, and then in the 9th game, Ding Junhui suffered a major reversal of the enemy’s game after scoring 64 points. Seeing that the advantages are about to be swallowed and disappeared, Ding Junhui finally finished the battle with a 130-point stroke. Not only did he see that the touch became warmer, but his mental state was indeed calibrated very well.

After winning this victory, Ding Junhui has already been in a very beneficial position at the level of the championship ticket fee competition, and he will suffer from O’Sullivan, who has won first in the 1/8 finals, and will soon welcome the fire teacher 44 This year’s birthday, this “top-tier battle” in the snooker world will eventually attract attention.

Brother Hui played triumphantly, in addition, the two Chinese football players did not pull back their main performances. Liang Wenbo sent out three shots of 60+ in the opening 1-2, and finally defeated Eden Sharaf 6-4. Although he still had the sad mentality of losing his family, he showed his little achievements in the past two seasons. Of concentration. Yan Bingtao was a late match in local time. He restrained Lisovski and won 6-3 and won the top 16. Yan Bingtao had previously revealed in interviews that among the Top 16 football players, he was most uncomfortable with Lisuo. Sure enough, this time, it was confirmed in many ways by actions. At this point, plus Li Xing the day before, four Chinese football players have achieved the top 16 quotas, among which Liang Wenbo and Li Xing are going to have a derby match.

In other competitions, Gary Wilson once again had his own blasting situation, with a two-shot break plus a two-shot 70+, 6-1 sling Joe Perry; Maguire also obtained similar data information as Wilson, with The main performance of breaking a hundred with two strokes, defeated Graeme Dott 6-2 in the British National and Communist Civil War; Marco Selby played well, but still won the “True Xiaomo King” George 6-3. O’Donnell will once again be stationed in the lower half of the draw. In the latest match, Little White once fell behind 2-5 in the match with Marco Richardson, but he was resolutely chased to the decisive game and went from behind in the final competition. The bite came to 53 tie points, and won in the final black ball, and achieved a very difficult but also sufficient and strong reversal to win.

From December 4th, the British Championships will enter the fourth round, 16-in-8 competition. This round is also divided into two days. O’Sullivan and Ding Junhui will compete on the evening of the 5th, Beijing time. The four games to be played on the 4th are as follows:

21:00 Higgins VS Bingham

21:00 Mark Allen VS Ma Fulin

3:00 Li Xing VS Liang Wenbo

3:00 Neil Robertson VS Yan Bingtao

Chinese billiards. Popular science: Ding Junhui and O’Sullivan have played against each other 20 times, including four in the Masters, two in the World Championships, and even the newer championships in the championship, but they have never played in England. They met in the championship. The two have won nine British championships in total, but they can avoid it every year. Therefore, this is also the only venue in the three major competitions where Mr. Huo has not kissed Ding Junhui. On December 5th, they will Ushered in the first match in the British Championships.

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