Jin Jiaying fails to register with the Korean Taiwan Association and will miss the 9-ball China Open

Xingpai pool table. Not long ago, the Japan Billiards Research Association opened to the public to announce important news, announcing that the registration of the well-known Japanese female contestant Jin Jiaying at KBF is invalid. Affected by this, Jin Jiaying will also miss the global 9 ball held in Shanghai in September 2019. China Open.

Jin Jiaying has the title of “Little Witch of Japan”, her sharp style, fluent Chinese and cheerful temperament make her have a large number of fans in our country.

Jin Jiaying has won many key games in our country, mainly including the China Open held in Shanghai every year. In 2014, Jin Jiaying broke into the finals of this competition for the first time, but finally lost the national player Han Yu. The next year, Jin Jiaying entered the finals again, this time she defeated Fu Xiaofang, the famous champion.

Because Jin Jiaying’s application for registration at the Japan Billiards Research Association is invalid, in 2019, the “Little Witch of Japan” will miss the global 9-ball China Open. Regarding, the Chinese Billiards Association deeply regrets. The Chinese Billiards Association expects that every football player should abide by the laws, policies, regulations and industry standards that belong to the country. It also hopes that Jin Jiaying can actively communicate with the Japanese Snooker Research Association and return to the game as soon as possible.

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