Yu Delu was banned for life from China Taiwan Association for manipulating the game

Xingpai pool table. At the drawing ceremony held on the 21st of the 2019 Chinese Billiards World Championships, the Chinese Billiards Association announced the additional penalty decision of Yu Delu’s life ban.

32-year-old Yu Delu has scored 147 points in a single stroke in his career. In May 2018, he was temporarily suspended for gambling and was also investigated by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (referred to as the World Taiwan Association). In December last year, the World Taiwan Association officially announced an investigation report on Delu and another Chinese player, Cao Yupeng. The report pointed out that in a period of two and a half years, Yu Delu manipulated the game 5 times in 5 matches and was rewarded for this.

In December 2018, the World Taiwan Association issued an announcement, imposing a 10-year and 9-month ban on the Division of Germany and Lu, and the additional penalties imposed by the China Taiwan Association have completely declared the end of his career.

According to Wang Tao, vice chairman and secretary general of the Chinese Billiards Association, after the World Taiwan Association and the Chinese Billiards Association made the penalty decision, Yu Delu did not have a correct understanding of his mistakes. Wang Tao stated that the China Taiwan Association has “zero tolerance for gambling.”

It is understood that when the Taiwan Association of China issued a ticket, it also issued three policies to prevent similar incidents: the Taiwan Association of China and the World Taiwan Association signed a joint supervision of players agreement; the establishment of a professional snooker player committee, with Ding Junhui as Director; Conduct a warning education meeting before all domestic competitions. (Finish)

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