World Championships Selby upset 4-10 out, Wilson Dott leads temporarily

In the early morning of April 22, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker World Championships ended the first day of competition. Defending champion Selby, now ranked number one in the world, failed to fight back, and eventually lost to veteran Joe Perry 4–10, upset in a round trip.

From 2014 to last year, Selby won three championships in Crucible in the four seasons and became the undisputed leader of the Mesozoic. This year, he came again with the title of China Open, and fans have no reason not to have high hopes for him.


However, in the first stage of the first round of the day, he faced off with Joe Perry who came up in the qualifying round. Serge, who once again appeared as the top seed, was sleepwalking. After the first nine games, he fell behind by a big score of 2-7, and the hope of winning is slim.

In the second stage, Perry closed the 10th game and expanded the total score to 8-2. Selby improved briefly and scored the 11th inning with 84 points on a single stroke, followed by another game 95-39, 4-8.

Perry, who led the big score, didn’t dare to take it lightly. In the next two games, the veteran extinguished Selby’s counterattack with a sharp offensive. With a single shot of 76 points and 90 points, Perry sealed the victory 10-4, and the defending champion was upset and out of the first round.

“I’m very happy. When the sign came out, it was one of two nightmares (drawing Selby). I knew I had to perform well and play the best.” Obviously, the 43-year-old Perry is not only doing It’s here, and it’s done very beautifully.

Looking back at the second stage, Perry said with lingering fear that at 8-4, he smelled “bloody” from Selby. At that time he had a chance to change the score to 8-5. “When I finally won the game, I was relieved.”

After the game, Perry tried to suppress his inner ecstasy and tried not to show it. “I don’t want to be too obvious, he (Selby) must feel very bad.” Perry further expressed his respect for him, because he reached the top through his own efforts. “When you beat the world No. 1 and defending champion, it’s a great feeling in any event. It’s even more special in Crucible.” In the 1/8 finals, Perry will face Mark Allen and Highfield. Winner.

On the same day, the other two games ended the first round of the first round. Among them, the post-90s young king Karen Wilson was 7-2 far ahead of the Welsh Dragon Stevens who had twice entered the World Championship finals. Carter held a break 100 and two 50+ in his hand, still 3-6 behind the former world champion Dortmund, who did not have a 50+.

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