Jin Jiaying’s Daxing meeting will pouting her cute expression and fans will be more dedicated

On the evening of July 11, 2012, Jin Jiaying came to Beijing Daxing, the last stop of his trip to China: Angle Billiards Club and Kusai Billiards Club. At the event, Jin Jiaying had a weird and cute expression and a dedicated signature. Among them, there are many enthusiastic fans and more dedicated fans. Let us appreciate these dedicated and lovely people together!

Jin Jiaying drew 5 of spades in the draw for the audience who received the signed gift

Jin Jiaying liked toot her mouth very much that day

Jin Jiaying said that he is still not used to Chinese billiards, and likes to perform fancy billiards for everyone

The fans wearing the noodle clothes behind the little witch are more dedicated! Put a plaster on your right hand and don’t forget to take pictures of Jin Jiaying at all times.

This passionate fan also brought a lot of laughter to the scene

This time Jin Jiaying is backless again~

Jin Jiaying is in the sea of flowers, the fragrance is permeated~

Jin Jiaying very seriously signed an autograph for every fan

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