Murphy: Claiming to be in the dark period of his career is compounded by the verbal abuse of fans

Xingpai pool table former World Championship champion Sean Murphy has also joined the team that is dissatisfied with the current Snooker Tour format. He said that he is currently in the darkest moment of his career, but he cannot stop to catch his breath, because the competition system may squeeze himself out of the top 16.

“Apart from snooker, I don’t have a second career, so my choice is to get up from the ground and continue to play. I have to take part in the competition as much as possible, so the option to stop and rest for a while is not for me now. does not exist.”

Murphy, 36 years old this year, won the 2005 World Championships, but in the 11 ranked matches he participated in this season, he stopped in the first three rounds in 10 of them, and 6 of them were eliminated in the first round. . The Scottish Open in December last year was Murphy’s only event to reach the finals this season. As a result, he lost to Mark Allen and he fell out of the top ten in the world rankings.

“I’m going through a very bad stage, probably the darkest moment of my career. But since Barry Hearn took over, the first thing he did was to reform the game system to what it is now, so Whether you want to climb up or stay in place, you have to keep racing.”

“This weekend we are still playing a limited time match in Watford, next Monday we will fly to India to play the Open. You really don’t have time to be dissatisfied with your state, because we are under the curse of the match. Players have to travel the world to promote snooker events. It seems that every week is a good opportunity to get out of the predicament.”

“Personally, I believe that Feng Shui will always come to my side, but the premise is that I have to participate in various competitions without interruption, even in the most difficult moments of my career, because of the good things. I won’t come to you by myself.”

“There is no icing in the world. I am going through the most painful and darkest moment of my career. This feeling is very hurtful.”

In addition, Sean said that he stopped using social media in December last year because his status was slandered and abused by many people online.

“I found that Twitter has no added value to my life. It only makes me angry and confused. What people say to me will appear in my mind during the game. Although most of them are praises. But as long as one is insulting you, you will only remember this one.”

“Athletes are public figures and we cannot avoid being criticized. I am not saying that I do not accept any criticism, but that I will not open my heart to people who have different opinions. That’s what I mean.”

“When I lost the game, someone sent me a message like’I hope you have cancer and your mother was killed in a car accident’. My heart and soul were tortured, so I Decided not to use social media anymore.”

Last year, Murphy went to France as an ambassador to cheer for billiards to enter the 2024 Paris Olympics. Last week, this petition has officially failed. Murphy was very confused about this, and it was also for another stone in his heart.

“I really think we have a great opportunity this time. I don’t know what their Olympic events should look like. If the evaluation criteria are the number of spectators and participation, billiards and snooker are very popular here. In the world There are actually few games that have more spectators than billiards.”

“We haven’t contacted the people at IOC, and we don’t know how they judge a sport. Working with sports directors around the world is very laborious, just like you play Rubik’s Cube on the back of a running horse at midnight. difficult.”

“The IOC people seem to have changed the rules on a whim. Personally, I never want to participate in such things anymore. Our time and energy should be spent on other things.”

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