Jiang Yi: Chinese billiards need a fire star to be at the forefront of the industry

The 2012 CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station is fiercely fighting, including 9-ball world champions Li Hewen, Liu Haitao and national snooker champions Jin Long, Li Xing and various Chinese billiards masters gathered in Shenyang to attack the national championship. The exciting game in the arena attracted many billiards fans to watch the game. Outside the game, CCTV’s well-known mouth Jiang Yi also became one of the focus of the game.

As a well-known name on the CCTV sports channel, Jiang Yi has participated in numerous interviews and explanations of snooker and 9-ball events. He has a deep understanding of the billiard industry. When it comes to Chinese billiards, Jiang Yi frankly said that the current snooker and 9-ball events are broadcast. More and more mature, but Chinese billiards, the billiards project with the broadest mass base and the largest number of participants, is rarely seen on television. “The holding of the Chinese-style billiards rankings will standardize and professionalize the sport. I believe that the tournament will appear on TV in the near future. In fact, there is enough firewood now, and all that is needed is that fire.”

Although the number of participants in Chinese billiards is large, it has been developing in China. Jiang Yi also has his own views on how to internationalize Chinese billiards. “In China, there are a lot of people playing Chinese billiards, and there are also many masters. Integrating these people and holding authoritative tournaments has led the industry to the forefront of the industry. After the accumulation of several stations, the Chinese billiards ranks The tournament should be expanded to hold events in Asia and even around the world to attract top international players to participate, so that Chinese billiards can truly go to the world.”

At the end of the conversation, Jiang Yi also made some suggestions for the development of Chinese billiards. “I think that in future competitions, players can wear more distinctive costumes. For example, male players can wear Chinese stand-up collar shirts, and female players can try cheongsam. These costumes are very Chinese and enhance the viewing of the event.”

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