Li Chengru: A private pool table creates a family atmosphere



On March 24, World Champion Mark Williams, who came to Beijing to participate in the Snooker China Open, visited the famous film and television star Li Chengru’s residence in Changping as the “Star Brand Private Billiard Table Promotion Ambassador”. Li Chengru is one of the earliest celebrities to own a private pool table in China. When it comes to private pool tables, Li Chengru has a lot of experience: “I personally like sports since I was a child. I used to play badminton, and then I changed to bowling. I won the national championship and was also on CCTV. He has done bowling coaching programs for many periods; Dahai (son of Li Chengru, young actor) has good athletic talent, but he prefers billiards. He can practice well according to the video of the game on TV. He has also participated in China. Snooker Tour, later because the acting was busy. We had a pool table for a long time in our family. Now this is the table for the Snooker China Open, although there is no new star in terms of materials and appearance. These private stations are so elegant, but they have a certain commemorative significance. In fact, I prefer the star brand large-leaf red sandalwood. Of course, the blue and white porcelain is more beautiful and has Chinese cultural flavor. There are also those few. The imported mahogany table is also very good, the squandering is gradually becoming charming, ha ha, there was no such beautiful and elegant table a few years ago. In fact, there is a billiard table in the house, and you can play a dozen in your free time. It will exercise and nurture the body. Sentiment, billiards is a quiet sport. You can play alone, or you can practice against family and friends. Even if you don’t play, it feels good to watch your family play. When the sea is practicing, I often watch it by the side. It’s very homely. a feeling of.”

After visiting Li Chengru’s training room and study room, Mark Williams played a friendly match with Li Dahai. After the game, Mark gave Li Dahai technical guidance.

On parting, Li Chengru wrote a big word “home” and gave it to Mark with a smile, and said with a smile: “This character is worth at least 2,000 pounds, but the word “home” is priceless, regardless of China or foreign countries. All are the most important, everyone must have a home.”


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