Ten ball training: Queen’s Cup ten ball game press conference Chen Siming said language is not a problem


At noon on April 15, the press conference of the second Queen’s Cup Women’s Ten-ball Billiards, sponsored by Asian American Entertainment, was held in Resorts World Manila. Except for Eva Lawrence, the captain of the European and American team who did not arrive due to flight delays, other players attended the press conference. Chinese player Chen Siming, who just finished the World Women’s Pool Game in Taipei, also came all the way from Taiwan.

At 12 noon local time, Williams, the main organizer of the event, hosted the press conference at Genting World. One hour before the press conference, local media in the Philippines and some Asian media had set up long guns and short guns ready to go. In the absence of Eva, the captain of the European and American teams, Vivian, the oldest in the team, played the role of spokesperson for the team. When a reporter asked how he felt about participating in the first competition this year, Vivian said with a smile: ” Although this year I have the honor to participate in the Queen’s Cup sponsored by Asian American Entertainment AM8.COM, but my sisters have already told me their “unfortunate” last year and lost to the Asian team 4:10. This year we must have revenge, although The process will be difficult, but we are ready.”

Another core player of the European and American teams, Irishman Karen Cole, also said that although the Asian team is strong and strong, not only Chen Siming, the current female flower ball player, but also the Filipino national player Lubrun, who is fighting at home. It is a comprehensive contest and a team game. I believe that the cooperation between our European and American teams will be more tacit. After all, we have more experience in the game than the young Asian team. This is also a powerful weapon for us to reverse the situation this year.

Chen Siming is the new “master” of women’s pool in the world today. The reporters present will naturally not let go of asking her questions. Some reporters on the scene suggested that the four players of the Asian team are from the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea and China. Languages Whether the difference in the above brings you inconvenience. “There will definitely be inconvenience, just like you ask me questions in English, I need Chen Chunzhen to help me translate, but in the arena, language is not a problem, after all, fancy billiards is a worldwide sport, and more of it lies in the heart and soul. Cooperation, and in 2013, I also cooperated with Lublon Amy. We cooperated very happily. I believe there will be no problems this year. Moreover, the newly joined Park Eunji and Chen Chunzhen are both excellent players, as long as We will go all out and we will have ideal results.

It is reported that at 6pm on April 16th, the Asian American Entertainment Queen’s Cup will kick off the first day of the event. There will be one team match and two single and double matches. Chinese player Chen Siming will appear in the team competition, and in the subsequent singles, the team captain Lublun will determine the participants according to tomorrow’s state.

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