Liang Wenbo enters the second round of fierce battle with Selby, China’s winning rate soars the next day

The 2018 Snooker Welsh Open continues to compete in the first round. Compared with the first day of the match, the Chinese players’ winning rate has soared. Among them, Liang Wenbo thrilled to reverse Burton 4-3 and entered the second round to usher in a real tough battle. The opponent is the world’s No. 1 Selby. Yu Delu, Lu Haotian and Xu Si also defeated their opponents and came to the top 64. Only Mei Xiwen and Zhang Anda had a round trip that day.


Compared with a champion and a top 4 last season, Liang Wenbo’s performance this season is much inferior, and the world ranking has also fallen out of TOP16. In the first round of the Welsh Open that day, he played against England veteran Burton. Liang Wenbo still looked sluggish. In the opening two consecutive games, Burton scored 52 points and 73 points in a single stroke.

After   , Liang Wenbo worked hard to adjust, 69-39 and won the third game, 52 points on a single stroke to make another victory, 2-2 draw with the opponent. The fifth game was very fragmented, and the two people added up to 81 points. Liang Wenbo lost the game and Burton took the lead in winning the match point 3-2.

Facing the England veteran with the best result of only the top eight, Liang Wenbo played the style of a ranked champion. In the sixth game, he scored 69 points on a single stroke to drag the game into the final game. In the deciding game, Liang Wenbo seized the key opportunity 86-26 to seal the victory. In this way, Liang Wenbo completed the reversal with a total score of 4-3 and entered the top 64 with a risk. In the second round, Liang Wenbo will encounter a real tough battle. His opponent is the world’s No. 1 Selby.

The rookie Xu Si, who broke into the top 4 of the rankings in just a few months after changing his career, made an eye-catching performance on the day. Scottish veteran McManus, who has made eight finals and won twice in his career with a 4-0 victory. In the second round, Xu Si’s opponent was George Wu.

Lu Haotian also played well on the day, hitting a four-shot 50+ and knocking out Paul Davidson 4-2. Then Lu Haotian will compete with Lisowski. Yu Delu scored 77, 71 and 91 points in a single stroke, defeating Casol 4-2, and his opponent in the next round is Little Lanes.

Mexivan failed to keep the two-game lead and was reversed 3-4 by Jack Jones. And Zhang Anda, who had a broken 100 in his hand, lost 2-4 to Astri, and the two unfortunately went on a round trip. So far the top 64 have all come into being, including Ding Junhui, a total of 8 Chinese players are shortlisted.

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