Chen Siming defeated Han Yu in the CBSA Guangzhou Finals and won the 9th crown of the year

After 5 game days of competition, the 2017 CBSA Guangzhou Haizhu 9-ball International Open finals came to a successful conclusion. National team player Chen Siming defeated his opponent 11-7 in the match with World Championship double champion Han Yu and won the championship. This is also the ninth championship trophy won by Chen Siming in 2017.


The CBSA Guangzhou Haizhu 9-Ball International Open is the fifth stop of this season and the annual finals. There will be no out-of-conference matches in the finals. The top 128 men’s players and the top 64 women’s players in the CBSA’s latest rankings can qualify for the competition. As the pinnacle of 2017, the finals of this site have been greatly improved in terms of bonuses. Among them, the total prize money of the event was upgraded from more than 600,000 yuan to 1 million yuan, and the championship prize was doubled from the previous 100,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan.

The finals of this station attracted 192 players from more than 20 countries and regions, including the national team players including the Shinco Women’s 9-Ball World Championship champion Chen Siming, as well as “Quick Fire” Kelly Fisher and “Austrian Cheetah” “Jia Siming Oschun, “Little Witch” Jin Jiaying, German star Homan, billiards prince Ke Bingyi and other masters.

After many levels of competition, Chen Siming and Han Yu, two national team members, met in the women’s final. This is not the first time the two players have encountered a national team civil war in this tournament. Yesterday, Chen Siming and Fu Xiaofang faced each other in the eighth-finals. In this match, both sides played 17 games. Chen Siming, who was 5-8 behind, staged a reversal + lore at the last moment and passed the thrilling pass. Subsequently, Han Yu and Liu Shasha joined the quarter-finals. This national team civil war finally ended in Han Yu’s victory.

In the two semi-finals held this morning, Chen Siming defeated the teenager Liu Xiazhi 9-2, while Han Yu defeated the “Little Witch” Jin Jiaying with a score of 9-6 to advance to the final.

Chen Siming’s performance in 2017 is very outstanding. After winning the Amway Cup, she has successively won the world 9-ball China Open, Miyun Chinese Billiards International Open, Osaka Open, European Tour and other championships. Not long ago, she Participated in the Women’s 9-Ball World Championships and won the championship in one fell swoop, becoming a well-deserved world champion.

As the double champion of the Women’s 9-Ball World Championships and the champion of last year’s World Championships, Han Yu was named the best female player of 2016 by the nation’s largest pool portal. In 2017, Han Yu reached the final of the CBSA 9-Ball International Open at Liuzhou Station, but unfortunately she lost to “Quick Fire” Kelly Fisher with a slight disadvantage and finished runner-up.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, the women’s final officially began. At the beginning of the game, Han Yu took advantage of Chen Siming’s kickoff violation and his own “guarantee serve” in the rush game to obtain a 2-0 lead. In the third game, Han Yu made a mistake on the 4th ball, and Chen Siming took the opportunity to win five consecutive games to overtake the score. In the eighth game, Han Yu pulled back one game, but victory in this game could not stop Chen Siming’s “firepower.” The score soon came to 8-3, Chen Siming continued to expand the score advantage.

After the game, Han Yu made an effort to chase the score to 7-9, and the difference between the two was reduced to two games. Facing the counterattack of his teammates, Chen Siming did not confuse himself. After “securing” his rush game, Chen Siming got the match point. In the seventeenth game, Chen Siming hid the white ball firmly behind the No. 9 ball. Han Yu failed to solve the ball and took advantage of the chance of the ball in his hand to Chen Siming to end the final. The score is fixed at 11-7.

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