Taiwan Association: Resolutely put an end to match-fixing, gambling, game manipulation and other violations

All member associations, member units, relevant organizing organizations and athletes:

In recent years, with the joint efforts of all sectors of society, more and more various international and domestic billiard games have been held in China, which have attracted great attention from fans and the media. However, with the increase in competitions, there have been some behaviors that violate the spirit of sportsmanship and the rules of the game, especially the manipulation of the game by Yu Delu and Cao Yupeng, which not only undermined the fair and just sportsmanship, but also seriously damaged Chinese sports. Its good image has caused a negative impact on the society, and it is extremely inconsistent and extremely disproportionate with the great environment for the reform and development of billiards.

In order to further strengthen the management and supervision of the billiards competition, and maintain the healthy development of billiards, the following notice is hereby:

1. Taking the “Cao Yu Incident” as a lesson, carry out warning education activities. All member associations should attach great importance to the education and management of match style and discipline, draw lessons from the two-person manipulation of the game, carry out in-depth warning education activities, and resolutely put an end to match-fixing, gambling, and game manipulation. When organizing competitions, each competition organization should put the education and management of competition style and discipline in a prominent position, and take effective measures to prevent major competition and discipline events from occurring.

2. Strengthen the overall management of the event. Before the competition, the organizer shall hold a competition event, sign the competition responsibility letter, implement the plans and measures; during the competition, the organization, management and monitoring of the competition should be carried out; after the competition, the violations of regulations and disciplines should be handled in a timely, accurate and strict manner And submit a report to the Chinese Billiards Association.

Third, strengthen system management and punishment norms. The Chinese Billiards Association will strictly implement the “Chinese Billiards Association Rules for the Management of Games Style and Discipline”, and severely penalize violations of rules and disciplines during the game. According to the new situation and new problems that appear, the “Chinese Billiards Association Disciplinary Guidelines” will be refined and revised at any time, and the punishment will be increased, which will act as a warning and deterrent in the industry and in the field of social credit.

Fourth, improve the supervision and management mechanism. The China Billiards Association will further improve the supervision channels of match style and discipline, unite the supervision forces of relevant departments, and rely on scientific and technological analysis methods to increase the supervision of illegal matches such as match-fixing and gambling.

All relevant units and athletes must attach great importance to the above work requirements, strictly implement the responsibilities of the game style and discipline, and strive to create a civilized, harmonious and healthy billiard development atmosphere.

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