Top players gather, Miyun Chinese Billiards International Open reignited

On August 3, the 2017 CBSA Beijing Miyun Chinese Billiards International Open was held at the Beijing Miyun District Government Conference Center. Miyun has successfully held the International Billiards International Open for 5 consecutive years. Miyun District will continue to host the Chinese Billiards International Open from September 8th to 15th this year. Former Deputy Director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association, Ms. Wang Yanmei, Deputy District Mayor Fang Jianqing of Miyun District, Beijing, Zhang Chengwu, Director of the Sports Bureau of Miyun District, Zhao Wenlong, Chairman of the Miyun District Billiards Association, and athletes representing world champions Chen Siming and Han Yu et al attended the meeting.


This event is co-sponsored by the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the People’s Government of Miyun District, Beijing, and the Chinese Billiards Association. It is hosted by the Beijing Miyun District Sports Bureau, the Beijing Miyun District Sports Association, and the Beijing Miyun District Billiards Association.

The total prize money of the Miyun Chinese Billiards International Open has reached 1.8 million yuan, and the champion of the competition can get 240,000 yuan. Many top players at home and abroad and some snooker players participated in the game. Domestic female players include world champions Chen Siming, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha, and Han Yu. Foreign female players include Kelly Fisher, Jin Jiaying, Oss Chun, etc.; domestic male players include world champions Fu Jianbo and Li Hewen. Foreign male players include world-class players such as Chris Merlin and Mike Hill. The event is divided into two parts: in-conference and out-of-conference competitions. From September 8th to 11th, the competition for the out-of-conference competition will be held first. The last 64 male players and 32 female players will be held from September 12th to 15th. Contest for the championship in the in-conference competition. Among them, on September 12, the opening ceremony will be held, and the in-conference game will officially start.

It is reported that the billiard tables used in this tournament are XW110-9A billiard tables. This pool table is the official game table of the Chinese World Championships. Among the Chinese tables, the performance is better. National unified retail price: 38800, free consultation telephone: 400-626-8866.


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