[Chinese Billiards Super Contest] Yang Fan is out, Chu Bingjie, Zhao Ruliang advances on behalf of Yong

On December 19, the top 16 of the 2019 “Xingpai·Kangxi Shengshi·Waluojia” Cup Chinese Billiards Super Rivalry.

The first match on this day is the promotion round of the second stage of the main race. In the strong dialogue, Dai Yong defeated Li Hewen 11-4, Zhang Kunpeng 11-8 and Lei Yiwei. Chu Bingjie defeated Zhou Lei 11-9 and joined Yang Fan, Zhao Ruliang, Chao Lumen and Zhang Taiyi to enter the third stage.

In the subsequent promotion battle, Lei Yiwei 11-10 lore Liu Ying, Li Hewen 11-9 eliminated Yin Hongxing, Yu Longhai 11-2 victory over (big) Liu Chuang, all three of them caught the last train of the top 32. (Small) Liu Chuang tied Tang Chunxiao with 6-10 behind, and overcame the foul crisis in the deciding game. With only one black 8 left, he completed a big comeback. Tang Chunxiao lost two consecutive decisive games and bid farewell to the event. Wan Tongle lost to Suni Day on 9-11 and also stopped.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the third stage of the race started, and the event entered a more brutal single elimination. Chu Bingjie eliminated Li Hewen 13-8, and Lei Yiwei won the “Youth War” with Zhang Taiyi 13-10. Zhao Ruliang set the biggest difference in this round, sweeping Maning 13-2. Yang Fan failed to advance hand in hand with his apprentice. Facing Liu Junyan, he unexpectedly fell behind by a big score. After that, Yang Fan saved several match points in succession, but Liu Junyan cleared it in the 22nd inning and ended the game 13-9. Dai Yong and Shen Shenyi fell into a long see-saw, and finally passed 13-11 without any danger.

The 21st is the penultimate day of the game, and the final lineup will be produced. The 2019 “Xingpai·Kangxi Shengshi·Waluojia” Cup Chinese Billiards Super Competition is a large-scale event incorporated into the Chinese Billiards Association’s points system. It is an important battle for players to grab points and strive to qualify for the Chinese Billiards World Championship next year. Every next round of competition is crucial to their ranking and points. Looking forward to the excitement!

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