World Championships Ding Junhui 5-13 Hawkins missed the top 4, TOP3 all out

On the afternoon of May 2nd, Beijing time, the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Snooker Championship entered a critical stage of competition. Chinese player Ding Junhui showed no improvement in his state, and eventually lost to the world No. 6 Hawkins by a score of 5-13 and missed the semi-finals. At this point, the top 3 seeds of this World Championships have all been eliminated.


Looking back at the first two rounds, Ding Junhui played a long-lost domineering, he only lost 7 in 30 games, Xiao Guodong and McGill were swept out by him. Especially in the first stage of the match against McGill, his 8-0 score made by one hand made all the fans who supported him cheered. When the defending champion Selby and the top star O’Sullivan were out of the game, the brave performance of the No. 3 seed was particularly eye-catching.

However, in the quarter-finals against the No. 6 seed Hawkins, Ding Junhui seemed to have changed a person, and the sure and ruthless “magic Ding” had disappeared. In the first stage, he stumbled and fell 3-5. In the second stage, he was simply 5-11 far behind. At this stage, 25 rounds of 13 wins are used, and it can be said that Ding Junhui’s situation is already very dangerous.

In the World Championships, it is not uncommon to see examples of super-reversals being behind by a big score. On the one hand, you need to adjust your own state to the best. On the other hand, it also depends on the opponent’s loss in this kind of long game. The change of his length. However, in the third stage of the day, neither of these two situations happened, and the ending can be imagined.

In the 17th inning, Hawkins attacked boldly, scoring difficult goals consecutively, scoring 28 points in a row, bad luck, and losing the opportunity to blow the ball. Hawkins expanded to 40 points with penalties, but due to a far-field error, Ding Junhui gave Ding Junhui a “hand position” that couldn’t be better. Ding Junhui, with a cool hand, could not control his 26 points recovery. Facing the scattered red balls, he couldn’t start, so he had to switch to defense. Next Ding Junhui paid the price for a far away mistake, Hawkins 70-26 over 1 point. Ding Junhui not only failed to get the necessary penalties through snooker, but sent points by mistake. Hawkins won the game 75-26, Ding Junhui fell behind 5-12, Hawkins has won the match point.

In the 18th inning, Ding Junhui fought into the far stage and scored a pink ball without a red one. The offense was interrupted. After that, he succeeded again from the far stage, and the black ball in the bottom library fell off the standard. Hawkins concentrated on launching a continuous attack, 117 points on a single stroke to seal the victory, with a total score of 13-5 winning, and Ding Junhui stopped in the top 8.

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