The Belgian seed caught the cold on the 3rd day of the World Championships Allen: Playing like a ball hall

On the third match day of the 2018 World Snooker Championships, the seeded players were hit by the cold snap again. Brecher trails Walton 3-6 and the outlook is dire. Murphy simply dropped his helmet and armor in front of Jones and became the third seeded player in the first round of the World Championships. Allen, who suffered from the seed crisis, got a blessing in disguise, went into battle lightly, and won easily. In Allen’s own words, it was easy “like playing in a club.”

Brecher 3-6 Walton


In the Chinese Championships at the beginning of the season, Brecher, who was born in 1995, won the ranking championship for the first time. With the following series of impressive results, his world ranking quickly ranked among the TOP16 elites. This year’s World Championships, he appeared as the No. 13 seed, this is the first time he has won the World Championship qualifiers by virtue of his seed status.

The first-round opponent Wharton has three ranking champions, and the world rankings have been in the TOP16 list for a long time. It’s just that the performance in recent seasons has been poor, and it has dropped to 20 years. Compared with Brecher, who had only played twice in Crucible before and were all one-round trips, Wharton, who was among the top 4 in 2013, has a much more eye-catching record here. As far as the World Championships are concerned, the experience here is very useful.

In the first five games, Wharton, who has played more than 10 years professionally, made a strong start of 4-1, during which he made 68 points, 105 points and 90 points. Brecher just chased the score to 2-4 with a 73-0 score. As a result, he was “punished” by Walton. In both rounds, Walton won by one stroke, with a single score of 74 and 76 points, respectively. By the 9th inning, Brecher’s continuous scoring ability improved, with 89 points in a single stroke to avoid further expansion. At the end of the first stage, another seed was hit by the cold and fell 3-6.

Murphy lost the same opponent for the first time in 6 years: he came here immediately different


Jones was undoubtedly the biggest upset maker of the day. After Liang Wenbo, who had a louder 10-0 crit in the final round of the qualifying round and a two-shot score of 147 in the final round of the qualifying round, he again scored 10- in the first round of the day. 9 lore to kill three major tournament champions, the world ranking is 43 higher than his 8th seed Murphy.

For Murphy, this scene seems familiar. In 2012, he also lost to today’s opponent 8-10, and that time was the Welshman’s debut in Crucible.

However, Jones seemed to cherish today’s victory even more: “I think this is my greatest victory. I have never encountered such a great pressure today. I played a lot of decisive games, but in the first game of Cruise There is considerable pressure, let alone a deciding game.”

Lost to the same opponent almost in the same way after 6 years on such an important occasion, which left a very deep impression on the 2005 World Championship champion. “If I’m a member of his team, I have to understand why his performance here is much better than other occasions. If he always performs the same as here, then his world ranking will be much higher.”

Mark Allen: It’s as easy as playing in a club


Mark Allen, who almost lost his seed qualification, didn’t have much trouble. On the same day, he easily won the Crucible rookie Hayfield 10-5, breaking into the top 16 generals and defending champion Selby’s terminator Joe Pei. in. Talking about the performance of the day, Allen said that the coach’s help played a big role: “I really feel like playing at the club. This is the first time I have such a relaxed feeling. Although the consecutive points are not high, it is indeed very profession.”

Speaking of opponents in the next round, Allen seemed very calm: “Perhaps many fans hope it is Selby, which makes no difference to me. Perry is a very good player, and the next round will be difficult.” Allen reminded fans that it should be. Give Perry enough respect and attention.

In the final game of the day, the 6th seed Hawkins withstood the pressure, defeated Carrington 10-7, and broke into the top 16 to fight the Chinese teenager Lu Haotian.

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