The world’s top stars make an appointment

According to the official media release of the “2014 Snooker Haikou World Open” a few days ago, the Gujing Gongjiu · Vintage Puree 2014 Snooker Haikou World Open will bloom from March 10th to 16th, with 68 top stars in the world. The peak showdown, competing for 4.78 million yuan award, presents a wonderful visual feast for snooker fans in the world.

Courtesy of the East, Chinese wine spirit collides with Western gentleman culture

There is a big world, a big horizon, and a big life in the small ball; the true temperament, the big realm, and the big wisdom in the good wine. Following the naming of the Haikou World Open in 2013, Gujing Gongjiu·vintage puree has once again become the exclusive title of this world’s top snooker event. When the thousand-year-old Gujing tribute wine once again clinked the snooker, known as the “gentleman movement”, the spirit of the East “must feast, the wine must be feasted” and the western gentleman culture were blended with each other through the snooker movement, and the eastern and western cultures were thus blended. Started a perfect courtesy.

From moving China to the global tour of Chinese wine culture, to the world’s top snooker movement, Gujing Gongjiu, a cultural messenger, has demonstrated the beauty of Chinese Eastern culture with his sincere, enthusiastic, friendly, confident, and honorable image, and not only promotes the Western Snow Croatian culture is well known and loved by Chinese people, and it spreads the unique charm of Chinese wine spirit through dialogue with Western culture. In this spring and March, in Haikou, China, we will watch 68 masters face-to-face, enjoy the beauty of Oriental Hawaii, and taste Chinese wine for millennia. This is the life of snooker and the spirit of Chinese wine.

Good wines add 4.78 million to 68 top players in the world

It is reported that the 2014 Snooker Haikou World Open has surpassed the past in terms of lineup and influence. By then, 68 snooker world’s top masters will stage a high-end showdown in Haikou. The two consecutive defending champions Allen, “The Wizard” John Higgins and the world’s top four Robertson, Selby, Trump and other top international star players will all appear on the stage. In addition, there are many changes in this tournament. For example, the game system has changed from the original 32 players and 8 Chinese wild card models to 64 players and 4 wild card models, with the top 64 players playing against the players ranked 65-128.

The authoritative foreign snooker media once made speculations about 2014 snooker, including that Ding Junhui might break the Haikou Championship with zero breakthrough. Entering the 2013-2014 season, Ding Junhui played the most sustained and strong state of his career so far, becoming the first person in 22 years. This time his return of the king, whether he can take advantage of the trend to win five consecutive championships has become the focus of the world’s fans. In addition, Robertson’s goal of over 100 shots will be achieved in China, and after completing the 100th shot, he will advance to the 122nd shot. If successful, this will be an unprecedented record in the history of snooker. The world’s top stars and the Chinese Army led by Ding Junhui in Haikou. Who can win the championship prize of up to 850,000 yuan out of the total prize money of 4.78 million yuan? Let’s try it out.

Moving the world, the world’s top competitions have unprecedented global direct recording and broadcasting influence

It is reported that the event will be broadcast to the world through TV networks such as CCTV and Eurosports. It is expected that more than 800 million people worldwide will watch this time through CCTV-5, Eurosports, Five Star Sports and Hainan TV. Race. Many Internet, radio and print media will also conduct live broadcasts or in-depth reports on this event. At the same time, the addition of a WeChat public service platform to strengthen the interaction between snooker fans and the competition is a highlight of this competition. The official Weibo, official WeChat and official Weibo of Gujing Gongjiu·Year Puree Pulp 2014 Snooker Haikou World Open and the official WeChat and official Weibo of Gujing Gongjiu·Yuyue Pure Pulp will also broadcast the event live and share the event tidbits.

Following the successful launch of the “WeChat and Weibo Double Voting” campaign, Gujing Gongjiu will once again carry out a series of activities to benefit fans and friends during the Haikou Games. This time, the Gujing Gongjiu·Year Pure Puree was once again named the 2014 Snooker Haikou World Open, which perfectly combines the oriental wine culture with the world sports spirit, and once again interprets the perfect courtesy of the Eastern and Western cultures, Chinese wine Moved China to move the world again.

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