European master Zhou Yuelong enters the semi-finals, Fu Jiajun vs. Wilson

The 2020 Snooker European Masters will continue in Dornbirn, Austria. In the quarter-finals, Zhou Yuelong eliminated Hawkins 5-2. In the semi-finals, he will beat Gary, who defeated Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun 5-3 with three shots and more than 100. Wilson. Robertson also broke a hundred with three shots, defeating Thai fast gunner Tachaia 5-1, and his opponent in the semifinals will be Carter.

Zhou Yuelong played against Hawkins, who had only won one match against Zhou Yuelong three times before. In the game, Zhou Yuelong was in excellent condition. He won four games in a row. In the third and fourth innings, he scored 76 and 78 points in a single stroke, leading 4-0 to get the match point. Since then Hawkins chased two match points in a row. In the seventh game, Zhou Yuelong scored 113 points and a total of 113 points to eliminate Hawkins 5-2, and reached the semi-finals for the second time in his career.

After winning consecutive wins against Lu Ning and Xiao Guodong, Fu Jiajun reached the quarterfinals against Gary Wilson. The two sides had met five times before, and Fu Jiajun had two wins and three losses. After taking the lead in this campaign, Fu Jiajun was pulled by Gary Wilson for three consecutive rounds. The latter scored 95 and 104 points in the second and fourth rounds. Fu Jiajun fell behind 1-3. In the fifth inning, Fu Jiajun scored 82 points in a single stroke, and in the sixth inning, Gary Wilson scored 105 points in the second stroke. After 2-4, Fu Jiajun caught up with a match point with 64 points in the seventh inning, but Gary Wilson scored another 105 points in the seventh inning. The third shot broke 100 points. Fu Jiajun lost 3-5 and missed the semifinals. Gary Wilson will face Zhou Yuelong in the semifinals.

Robertson’s opponent in the quarter-finals was Thai fast gunner Tachaia, who reversed and eliminated Higgins. Robertson felt very hot in the game. In the first two games, he scored 104 points and 107 points in a single shot, and the next three games were 3-0. Lead. In the fourth game, Tachaia caught up with a game with 66 points, but in the fifth game, Robertson scored 4-1 with 87 points to get the match point. In the sixth game, Robertson scored his third stroke of the game and scored 115 points. The total score was 5-1 and beat Tachaia.

Masters runner-up Carter encountered Donaldson, who defeated Karen Wilson and Ding Junhui in a row. Carter was also full of firepower in the game. He scored 65 and 61 points in the first game. In the second game, he scored 73 points. Two 50+ shots, one shot 50 points and one shot 72 points, got a 3-0 lead. After Donaldson caught up with 58 points in the fourth game, Carter won 4-1 to get the match point in the fifth game. In the sixth game, Carter sealed the victory with 58 points, with a total score of 5-1, blocking Donaldson’s dark horse road and becoming Robertson’s opponent in the semifinals.

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