Amway Cup Chen Siming drives low and walks high 11-4 wins Chen Heyun to defend the crown

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association On the evening of March 11, 2018, the finals of the An Benefit Source Cup World Women’s Pool Championship were held between Chinese player Chen Siming and Chinese Taipei player Chen Heyun. After 15 rounds of competition, Chen Siming defeated his opponent 11-4, won his second Amway Cup championship trophy, and achieved the defense.


The Ann Yizhiyuan Cup World Women’s Pool Championship is held every year in Taipei, China. It is a heavyweight event with a long history. In 2007, “9-ball queen” Pan Xiaoting played in the Amway Cup to win the championship. In the following ten years, no Chinese player has ever taken the championship trophy. Last year, Chen Siming passed all the way and joined Pan Xiaoting in the final. In the end, Chen Siming defeated his opponent and won his first Amway Cup title.

This year, all the five golden flowers of the national team played in the Amway Cup. At the welcome party held on the 7th, the two-time World Championship champion Han Yu failed to appear with the team because of a cold. The state of the top four players in the 2016 Amway Cup is worried.

According to the schedule, the Amway Cup main match is divided into two stages: the group stage and the single knockout stage. In the group stage, a group of 5 players will play a single round robin, and each group will select the top three to advance to the top 24. As the last champion, Chen Siming was in Group A. Also in the same group are Cheska Centeno, the 2016 Amway Cup champion from the Philippines, as well as Chinese Taipei player Xie Yuwen, American player Rachel Lang, and another Chinese Taipei player Guo Siting who advanced outside the tournament.

Chen Siming’s debut in the Amway Cup is scheduled for the main table, and his opponent is the teenager Xie Yuwen. In this game, Chen Siming was in poor condition and defeated his opponent by a score of 1-7, breaking out the biggest upset of the day. Since then, Chen Siming ended the game with Rachel Lang and Guo Siting with scores of 7-2 and 4-7 respectively. The group record was two losses and one win, and the qualifying situation was uncertain. Her last opponent is also the strongest Cheska Centeno in the same group. If you want to break through the group stage, Chen Siming must defeat the opponent. As a result, after 11 rounds of competition, Chen Siming overturned the Filipinos and fixed the score at 7-4. He was unpredictable and advanced to the single-elimination round with the third in the group.

After redrawing, the single-elimination round draw was released. In the 24 to 16 rounds, Chen Siming once again met Xie Yuwen, an “enemy”. After a break and adjustment, Chen Siming eliminated Xie Yuwen 7-2 and the “revenge” succeeded. Since then, Chen Siming has become more and more courageous, and after the top 8 competition 7-3 eliminated the World Championship runner-up Chihiro Kawara, a national team civil war started between Chen Siming and Liu Shasha.

In the 2014 World Championship finals, Chen Siming led all the way and was eventually reversed by Liu Shasha, and missed his first World Championship trophy. Last year’s World 9-Ball China Open finals, the two players met again, and Chen Siming laughed and won the championship. To fight again today, Chen Siming took down his old opponent 9-2 and continued to move forward. In the semifinals, Chen Siming defeated Wei Ziqian of Chinese Taipei with a score of 9-6 and entered the Amway Cup final for two consecutive years. It is worth mentioning that the other semi-final was played between the national team player Han Yu and Chinese Taipei player Chen Heyun. The scores of the two sides rose alternately and once they fought to 7-7. As a result, at the last moment, Chen Heyun won two consecutive games and ended the game. Rain stopped in the semi-finals again.

After a short break, the finals began. In the opening stage, Chen Siming seized the opportunity to quickly gain a 3-0 lead. In the opening stage of the 4th game, Chen Heyun’s jump ball error left Chen Siming with a chance. Chen Siming cleared the stage and continued to expand the score advantage. In the 6th game, Chen Heyun kept the rushing game and won his first victory in the final. As the game progressed, Chen Siming still maintained the lead. At the end of 13 innings, Chen Siming took the lead to get the match point 10-3. In the 14th inning, Chen Heyun rushed to the game, and Chen Siming made a mistake in solving the ball and dropped the white ball, allowing Chen Heyun to keep the game and save a match point. In the 15th game, Chen Siming scored three goals after rushing the ball, and then Chen Siming completed the clearing, ending the game and winning the Amway Cup champion.

In other aspects, after the group stage, the five golden flowers of the national team all advanced. After entering the single defeat, last year’s runner-up “9-goal queen” Pan Xiaoting lost to Chen Heyun 4-7 and stopped in the round of 16. Fu Xiaofang lost to Han Yu in the national team’s civil war with the same score. In the quarter-finals, Liu Shasha lost to Chen Siming, and Han Yu lost to Chen Heyun in the semi-finals and was blocked by the threshold of the finals.

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