Brecher beats Zhao Xintong by second, Li Xing advances to the top 16

The 2019 Snooker Single Limited Time Tournament entered the third round of the competition this evening. The Chinese players Zhao Xintong, Tian Pengfei, Zhang Anda, and Li Xing who stood out in the previous round will play an impact on the top 16 places. If Zhao Xintong can All the way to the promotion to win the championship in this event, the temporary single-season ranking will come to 16th, surpassing Maguire to catch the last train of the Players Championship.

In the evening of the same day, the 2015 World Championship champion Bingham took the lead. He will compete with Karen Wilson, who won the Paul Hunter and German Masters this season, for a top 16 spot. This The game is also one of the focus of attention from the outside world. It is also the only top16 matchup in this round. In addition to these two players, the top 16 players are left with the highest score of this tournament. Chel is alone.

In the end, Bingham was even better. He caught Wilson’s offensive mistakes and scored 55 points in a single shot to win the game 68-5. He eventually defeated Wilson and became the first player to advance to the top sixteen.

Daniel Wells, who has reached the semifinals in the Scottish Open this season, has not shot a single 50+, but he still scored 62-0 and scored Luke Symonds to advance to the semifinals. Adam Duffy defeated McManus 29-12.

The whirlwind Jimmy White has been given a big gift by his opponents many times in the game against the black golfer McLeod, but unfortunately he never seized the opportunity every time. Instead, McLeod scored in the left side pocket. One shot 58 points to seal the victory, and in the end Jimmy White lost 18-65 to Mike Lauder to stop in the 32nd round. Jamie Clark scored 53 points and defeated Oliver Lanes 54-0.

Chinese player Li Xing entered into a defensive battle with German teenager Klerks. The two made mistakes in the game and played very fragmented. After almost no one scored a red goal, the offense was immediately interrupted. In the end, Li Xing went 14-10. He narrowly defeated Klerks and became the first Chinese player to advance. The score of this game also created a single limited time game and became the lowest score record after the ranking game.

However, the record set by Li Xing did not last long. The 14-year-old English teenager Ryan Davis defeated Thailand’s Song Shavard 10-7 to break the record again, and Song Shavard in the last few seconds. Once had a chance to reverse the green ball but lost the top pocket, he missed the opportunity. Ryan Davis, who was only 14 years old, impressed the fans with his sufficiently accurate long table.

The eighth game was a match between Chinese player Zhao Xintong and Belgian bullet Brecher. This offensive battle was also one of the focuses of this round. Brecher seized the chance of the last 40 seconds when he fell behind. In the end, he narrowly defeated Zhao Xintong 27-26 and advanced to the top sixteen. If this is the case, the Chinese Army has locked two sixteen seats, and Maguire will qualify for the Players Championship as the 16th in a single season.

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