Ding Junhui started badly and was suppressed by Dort in the top 32, O’Sullivan broke the 100 promotion with two strokes

At 9 pm on December 12th, Beijing time, the 2019 Snooker Scottish Open continued to compete. The “Chinese Ding”, who just won the English competition, met former world champion Graeme Dot in the third round and stopped in the top 32.

Ding Junhui watched the game in the first round, and Dortmund scored a 138-point lead in a single shot. In the next two rounds, Ding Junhui broke 100 points with 4 shots and did not lose. In this game, Lao Ding failed to continue the good state of the British Championships, and was repeatedly suppressed by the experienced Duo Te.

In the end, it was taken away by Dort 0-4 and stopped in the top 32. Editor’s analysis: I am afraid that Lao Ding is anxious to return to China. It is enough to win a championship. We must give young people a chance!

At the same time, the other table was also fighting fiercely. Teacher Huo directly blasted 2 shots and broke the same 4-0 to take away Gould and will face Joe Perry in the early morning of the 13th.

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