Star player Jin Jiaying wins the 2015 World 9-Ball China Open Women’s Championship

On July 5th, Beijing time, the 2015 World 9-Ball China Open ended in Shanghai Yuanshen Stadium. In the women’s group, Fu Xiaofang and the star-signed player, the Korean little witch Kim Jiaying, performed a wonderful clearing stage. In the end, Kim Jiaying reversed Fu Xiaofang 9-6 and won the women’s group championship. He won the championship for the first time since he participated in the World 9-Ball China Open 7 years ago.

In this game, Jin Jiaying fell behind 3 to 5, but she won five consecutive games afterwards, rewritten the score to 8 to 5, and finally defeated Fu Xiaofang 9-6 to win the championship. When talking about her thoughts when she was behind in the score, Jin Jiaying said with a smile: “I am in a good state. I told myself to be confident. If I am not confident, I can’t grasp the opportunity even if I encounter opportunities. I told myself,’I am very strong. ‘.”

The fancy world champion Kim Ga-young from South Korea entered the finals of last year’s China competition, and finally lost to Han Yu and finished runner-up. She made a comeback after a year, and in the first stage she also qualified from the winning team. The day before yesterday, in the second stage of a single defeat, Jin Jiaying eliminated Austrian star Oschun and Chinese Taipei player Chen Heyun successively. In the semi-finals, facing last year’s final opponent Han Yu, Jin Jiaying successfully won a beautiful battle of revenge 9-3 and came to the finals of the China Games for two consecutive years.

After winning the championship, Xingpai sent blessings to Jin Jiaying for the first time, and Jin Jiaying’s victory also reflected the strength of the star players. As the champion player under the banner of Xingpai, Jin Jiaying will surely achieve even more brilliant results in the later events of this season!

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