Losing to Selby is convinced, contact with billiards is related to Ding Junhui

When Zhou Yuelong came to the press conference hall, the evening game had already begun. The match between him and Selby went from the warm sun in the afternoon to the twilight. He sat down and asked the same question as yesterday—”What time is it?”

On September 11, at the World Snooker Shanghai Masters, Zhou Yuelong was reversed by Selby 5-6 in the second day of the match, and he was convinced that he lost. Once leading 3-1 and once holding the match point, Selby still showed the “master” style at the critical moment and taught Zhou Yuelong a lesson in actual combat.

When reviewing the game, Zhou Yuelong said: “Like yesterday’s game, the fifth game is the key game. Today I have the opportunity to expand the score lead. In that game, I over-scored, but he did it back. I’m fighting for black. The game that was lost in the ball.” The fifth game became the turning point of the game. If Zhou Yuelong wins this game, he can rewrite the score to 4-1, but Selby is not only in the disadvantaged situation of falling behind. Reversing and winning this round also changed the situation on the court.

“In the penultimate game, I hit a black ball. This one is more critical, but I made a mistake. In the final game, he played perfectly. I didn’t even have a chance to hit the long table.” After getting the match point , Zhou Yuelong saw that victory was right in front of his eyes and within reach, but the tenacious Selby made this small distance a great moat, which made Zhou Yuelong unable to cross to the opposite side.

“My own performance in this game was okay.” Although I lost the game, Zhou Yuelong was still more satisfied with his performance. In his opinion, if he can play against Selby in the deciding game, this game is enough to return the ticket. Price, “It’s a decisive game, wonderful enough. Actually, my performance today is almost the same as yesterday. Faced with Selby, I might make a little mistake, which is understandable. But he can catch my mistakes. , This is the reason why I lost. In the deciding game, I am confident to win the game, but he did a very perfect job, defense and offense, he relied on the long platform, snooker and used defense to force me to make mistakes. I can learn many lessons if I lose the game.”

In this match against Selby, Zhou Yuelong was not only his opponent, but also a junior who wanted to seize the opportunity to ask his seniors for advice. “I learned his calmness and the choices he made in the game. You can learn a lot from where you sit. Regardless of whether he is leading or lagging, defensively or offensively, he makes the right choices. He controls his mentality and rhythm very well.”

In fact, Zhou Yuelong is also a young player who is characterized by calmness and composure in the game. Will he imitate Selby’s style of play? Faced with the question of Sina Sports, he responded: “I will not imitate his style of play. , But I want to learn his advantages. In the game, there are some balls, I think he will choose to attack, but he did not, but chooses defense, maybe he thinks his hand is not good, this requires calm thinking Yes, it is actually very difficult to do this. He is the’comeback king’, and I was turned back by him today.” Zhou Yuelong assumed the posture of a loser on the field-modest and studious.

A foreign reporter asked Zhou Yuelong about the coincidence of his contact with billiards. Zhou Yuelong used this to introduce: “When I was very young, relatives at home opened a small ball hall. At that time, I was ignorant and had the idea of ​​playing billiards. My dad likes sports and billiards better. In 2005, he accidentally saw Ding Junhui win the championship. He felt that this sport was not an uninfluenced sport. He found that this sport is a gentleman. He slowly took me to touch billiards. Interested me.”

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