World Championships 75 three masters gather in the top 16 Mesozoic 4 heavenly kings only left Ding Junhui

In the early morning of April 26th, Beijing time, the 2018 World Snooker Championships ended the fifth game day competition. Higgins eliminated Tachaia who made his debut in Crucible 10-7 and successfully passed the first round. With the addition of O’Sullivan and Williams who had advanced earlier, the 75 three masters once again gathered in the top 16. The No. 10 seed Robertson lost 5-10 to Milkins and went back to each home with Selby and Murphy. The first round of the game is not over yet, and the Mesozoic King has only left Ding Junhui.


The World Championship is the ultimate battlefield for professional players and the ultimate experience of players’ overall strength. The 43-year-old 75 Sanjie once again demonstrated overwhelming dominance. In the earlier game, O’Sullivan had some twists and turns to win 10-7, Maguire, one of the strongest qualifiers. In the first period of the day, Williams also joined the top 16 lineup with a 10-5 score. During this period, he set the highest score of the game with 140 points.

Higgins is the last of the three greats. In the first stage, he was 6-3 ahead of Thailand’s Tachaya, who played for the first time in the World Championships.

In the second stage, Tachaia turned passive to active and won three of the first four innings. In these three games, he was killed by one stroke. The single stroke points were 121, 112 and 60 points. Higgins also produced 81 points in his winning game, which shows the intensity of the game. . At this time, the total score on the field has become 7-6, and Tachaia is only one game away.

The experienced Higgins readjusted his state, and Tarchaia’s firepower was subsequently blocked. Higgins retaliated to Tachaia with a 3-1. In the end, the 5th seeded Scottish Wizard secured the victory 10-7 and received a ticket to the top 16 as he wished.

The performance of the 75 Sanjie has to make people once again admire their dominance. In fact, in the entire season before the World Championships, they have handed in a very convincing report card. In the ranking competition, O’Sullivan enjoyed 5 championships, Higgins 2 championships, and Williams 2 championships. The three of them won half of the 19 rankings before the World Championships. It can be said that they are at the peak of their early career. The performance is comparable.

Compared with the powerful 75 Sanjie, the Mesozoic in this World Championship appears to be a bit “downhill.” On that day, Robertson from Australia, the traditional three major tournament slam player, was in a downturn. After falling behind 3-6 in the first nine games, he didn’t even get better in the second stage. In the end, he lost to the mediocre Milkins by a big score of 5-10.

Selby, Murphy, Robertson and Ding Junhui are regarded as the four kings of the Mesozoic. The defending champion and the world’s No. 1 Selby have long been out of the game. Now, with Murphy and Robertson tragically eliminated, in the top 16 of this World Championships, the four kings of the Mesozoic era only survived Ding Junhui.

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