Five ways to teach you to quickly distinguish between true and false star pool tables

After 30 years of development, Xingpai has gradually become a world-renowned company that produces billiard equipment. Its carefully crafted series of billiard tables have also become the designated game tables for all high-end billiards events in the world, and are deeply favored by customers. Constantly praised, well-known all over the world.




With the popularity of star billiard tables, some unscrupulous manufacturers, driven by their interests, wantonly imitate star billiard tables, some copied the appearance of star billiard tables, and some embezzled the LOGO of star billiard tables, resulting in a large number of counterfeit and shoddy billiard tables. Billiard tables flood the market. The quality of these inferior billiard tables is difficult to guarantee. Some still have a pungent smell after more than half a year of use; some of the lacquer surface peels off one by one, just like a person has psoriasis, without beauty; some are useless for long. The legs, big country, and small country are seriously deformed, causing the table to be unstable and the ball unable to stand still, which greatly affects the normal billiard experience. In addition, the cumbersome after-sales maintenance process, the shirk of responsibilities, and the accumulation of costs, etc., make many consumers miserable. What’s more, there are many potential safety hazards, such as hiring installation workers without professional training, using installation procedures that do not meet specifications, and improper operation causing short circuits.

Here, Xingpai Company solemnly declares that it will take legal measures to severely crack down on illegal acts of imitating Xingpai pool tables.

At the same time, the editor teaches you five coups to quickly distinguish between true and false star pool tables, so as not to be deceived and cause unnecessary losses.

1. Than LOGO

Star billiard table’s LOGO is as follows (a specific model of star billiard table will have its own LOGO). Anything that is different from the overall layout, font, word spacing, etc. of this LOGO is a fake.

Five ways to teach you to quickly distinguish between true and false star pool tables

The picture below shows the imitation star pool table LOGO, you must recognize it clearly.


2. Look at the paint

Star billiard table has fine workmanship, smooth paint surface, uniform color, and no bubbles, cracks, impurities, etc. Imitation billiard tables are generally rough in workmanship, with uneven and dull paint.

3. Touch the wood

The wood used in the   Star pool table is hardwood, which is strong and durable. You can touch the bolt holes on the side of the library with your hands. The hole walls are smooth and free of burrs. Many imitation billiard tables are made of cork, and the bolt hole walls are rough or have wood fibers that are overwhelmed by the hole opener.

4. Check assembly

All the connecting parts of the   Star billiards table are tightly connected, as if they were natural. The billiard tables with large gaps between the upper and lower boards, between the small state and the slate, and between the big state and the table legs are all imitation billiard tables.

5. Smell the skin mouth

Star billiards billiards table skin mouth selects beef spine skin, high density, heavy and durable, and has a star LOGO, as follows:


The imitated leather mouth material is mostly artificial leather, which is easy to oxidize and deteriorate over time. You can smell the skin, if there is a pungent smell similar to plastic, it is artificial leather. In addition, you can slightly press the surface of the skin mouth with your hands. If there are centripetal wrinkles around the press, it is the dermis.

All physical and detailed drawings of the Xingpai billiard table are based on Xingpai’s official website!

The above five items are only a method to quickly identify the star pool table.

If you want to know more detailed identification technology, please contact Xingpai official website customer service!

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