Shangling Elevator “rides” at the Chinese Billiards World Championships

On March 13, 2016, the 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship will ignite in Yushan, China. At that time, Higgins, Mark Williams, Ebelton, Jin Jiaying, Fu Xiaofang and many other world famous snooker and American billiards, as well as domestic well-known Chinese billiards, will compete on the same stage. Yushan on the Sword”. In addition to the competition is worth looking forward to, Shangling Elevator, the title sponsor of the competition and the “favorite” of the Chinese elevator industry, also took this opportunity of global focus to enter the global audience’s vision with a magnificent and confident attitude.

Why does Shangling Elevator sponsor the Chinese Billiards World Championship? What brand value will she bring to Shangling Elevator?

Stable, precise, efficient and highly compatible sports marketing strategy

It is reported that the Chinese Billiards World Championship has been officially included in the international competition system, with WPA points and a total prize of more than 3 million yuan. Shangling Elevator’s full sponsorship of this world’s top event not only demonstrates its extraordinary corporate strength, but its practice of in-depth interpretation of brand connotation with the help of international sports marketing has also been unanimously recognized by all sectors of society.

Similar to the pursuit of “stability”, “precision”, “high efficiency”, and “pleasing to the eye” characteristics of Chinese billiards, Shangling Elevator has pursued the ultimate in product stability, safety, accuracy, efficiency, and aesthetics for many years.

It is understood that Shangling Elevator adopts full digital computer control and the most mature AC-VVVF drive technology in the world. It can proactively report to the police before the occurrence of abnormal conditions, and safely stop and stop the elevator for rescue in the event of an accident. , The product stability and safety are evident; in addition, Shangling Elevator also has a high-precision bilateral guide profile guide rail system, a large cross-section shoulder guide rail, to achieve high-precision lateral positioning of the steps, and effectively ensure that the minimum gap between the steps and the skirt is protected. , Reduce the risk of the special sandwich between the skirt board and the gap between the steps, and better prevent the ladder from running off. This achieves a high degree of fit with the Chinese billiards, which is extremely accurate and computational, and it also improves efficiency.

One of the main reasons why Shangling Elevator is highly praised and favored by customers is its perfect personality decoration. Based on the customer’s architectural style, installation environment and other characteristics, Shangling Elevator can maximize its individuality and make elevator decoration an exclusive landscape. This is exactly the same as Chinese billiards, which pays attention to rules, is not restricted to rules, has rich gameplay, and is pleasing to the eye. All sorts of “previous lives and present fate”-like coincidences have made Shangling Elevator’s title of 2016 CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship more well-deserved, and it is a very good sports marketing choice.

Similar values, “growth together” on the way to internationalization

Speaking of the original intention of sponsoring the 2016 Chinese Billiards World Championship, Zhu Xinxin, chairman of Jiangxi Shangling Elevator Co., Ltd., said: “The unique bluestone resources, transportation, location, government and corporate support, etc., are the Chinese Billiards World Championships held in Yushan. An important reason. As the business card of Yushan, Shangling Elevator takes this event as a strategic springboard for brand upgrading and internationalization. I believe that Shangling Elevator will go international and the world is just around the corner.” Such an innovative move has to mention the values ​​of both parties. .

Chinese-style billiards have gone through nearly 30 years of difficult development, and finally moved from obscurity to the palace. The holding of the Chinese-style billiards world championships made Chinese-style billiards officially enter the world, all of which cannot be separated from the word “innovation”. Xingpai takes the snooker table as the standard and the Kailun table size as the parameter to launch a new billiard table. At the same time, it is based on the actual situation of Chinese billiards enthusiasts and combined with the rules of snooker and nine balls, which is different from the others. The brand-new billiards project is a sports project with China’s independent intellectual property rights, which deeply interprets the value of innovation; Shangling Elevator, as a “new brand” on the road to internationalization, is similar to the core values ​​of Chinese billiards pursuing innovation and transcendence. With the cultural character and values ​​of “acceptance and acceptance, pragmatic progress, good at learning, and continuous innovation”, in recent years, we have carried out a systematic layout of independent intellectual property rights, and clearly and unmistakably conveyed to the world in this world-renowned international billiards tournament. Develop your own core value of “innovation”.

Shangling Elevator, which “grows up with Chinese billiards all the way”, has gone through the development process of starting, exploring, and breaking through, and gradually goes to the whole country and the world. As Zhu Xinxin, Chairman of Jiangxi Shangling Elevator Co., Ltd. said: “The Chinese Billiards World Championship will be held in Yushan for at least four years. Shangling Elevator has the unique advantage of being near the water platform, and these four years are enough for Shangling Elevator to gradually build an international brand. Reputation, let our technology, stability, quality, innovation, etc., benefit more people in China and the world, this is also our dream.”

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