Xingpai exerts its strength to push China into the era of national fitness

As a popular sport, Chinese billiards has been popular in China since the 1980s. It has now become a sport with a high market penetration rate and a large number of participants in my country, which has greatly promoted my country’s national fitness and large-scale sports. The age of health is coming.

The emergence of such a joyful situation, the star card is indispensable. Since its inception, Xingpai has spared no effort to promote the promotion of Chinese billiards, and has successively spent tens of millions of yuan to sponsor and host thousands of international and domestic regular competitions and private events, which has greatly promoted the Chinese billiards sport. The development and popularization of

星牌发力 推动中国进入全民健身时代

So far, Xingpai has successfully operated three “Chinese Billiards World Championships”. It is no exaggeration to say that without star cards, there would be no birth of the “Chinese Billiards World Championship” and the brilliance of Chinese billiards. Xingpai has made important contributions in promoting Chinese billiards, promoting Chinese billiards to the world, and promoting China’s entry into the era of national fitness.

Over the past 30 years, Xingpai has grown from a billiard table manufacturer to a sponsoring company for billiards events, from providing international standard game tables to event funding support to organizing large-scale international events. Although Xingpai’s role has been constantly changing, it has promoted Chinese billiards. The original intention of sports development remains unchanged. Now all Xingpai people are consciously taking on the mission of promoting Chinese billiards. They are earnestly preparing every product and running every game carefully. At the same time, they continue to strengthen their cooperation with the Chinese Billiards Association and other billiards around the world. The communication and cooperation of international organizations go all out to promote the development and promotion of Chinese billiards worldwide.

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