The President of the World Snooker Association visits and inspects Nanjing College and intends to settle in the ancient capital

Xingpai pool table. On March 25th, at the invitation of Canada Lijing International Co., Ltd., the establishment process of the Global Post Billiards and Snooker Billiards Association, Jason Ferguson came to Nanjing for the first time to conduct a browsing survey and conduct collaborative discussions.

During the discussion, Chen Gang, the director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, briefly introduced in detail the current development trend of billiards and snooker in Jiangsu Province. He said: “Billiard and snooker fitness sports have developed rapidly in Jiangsu Province in the past 30 years. Various international snooker and snooker games have been held, and top football players such as Ding Junhui and Xia Yuying have been created. The Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau wants to further strengthen the communication and collaboration with the World Taiwan Association. It is very important to promote the popularization and marketing of billiards and snooker fitness exercises among teenagers and children, and continue to promote the development trend of this fitness sport. Create a large number of outstanding pool and snooker players.”

Mr. Ferguson expressed his sincere gratitude to Director Chen Gang and his Jiangsu provincial level for his hospitality and meticulous activity plan, and he paid attention to: “my country is the world’s second largest sales market for snooker and snooker fitness sports. The National Taiwan Association attaches great importance to the marketing and development of billiards and snooker fitness sports in my country. It has worked hard to create various forms of corporate training systems for young and child contestants, and wants to improve communication with Jiangsu Province at this level. And collaborate.”

After the discussion, at the invitation of the leading cadres of Nanjing Audit University, Mr. Ferguson and his team rushed to Nanjing Audit University to inspect the progress of billiard fitness on the campus, and to inspect the campus and sports facilities of the college.

It is understood that Mr. Ferguson was invited to visit Nanjing this time. The most important thing is to discuss the feasibility analysis of the modern snooker billiard school landing in Nanjing with the provincial sports and cultural authorities and leading cadres, and discuss the marketing and promotion of Jiangsu billiard fitness sports. Countermeasures and plans for international snooker games.

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