China A team won the World Cup Ding Junhui: I will not lose to anyone in the deciding game

At 7:30 pm on July 9, the 2017 Snooker World Cup finals officially kicked off in the Wuxi Sports Park Gymnasium. After three hours and ten minutes of fierce competition, the Chinese A team and the England team in the finals played 7 games, and under the unfavorable situation of 1-3 behind, they passed Ding Junhui’s 69 points in the fifth game and two people in the fifth game. The concerted efforts of the sixth game dragged the game into a decisive game abruptly. Facing “Mr. President” Judd Trump at the last moment, Ding Junhui withstood the pressure with strong self-confidence, single shot 59 points dominated the situation, and through the next few hands, the final 88-4 take down is as important as gold. In the game, England was 4-3 at the last minute. After the 2015 China B team won the championship, it continued to keep the “King of the King” trophy in China.


When Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo walked into the press conference after the game, the media workers gave them warm applause. The first to be questioned by reporters was Liang Wenbo, because he kissed Ding Junhui at the awards ceremony after winning the championship. Dabo explained with a smile: “After 4 games of the game tonight, we were behind England 1-3. In fact, including the game against Thailand in the morning, we were also behind 0-2 at the beginning. Whenever we are behind or I play When it’s bad, Xiaohui can always stand up. As I said before, we have a tacit understanding for so many years, and we are a great partner.”

Ding Junhui expressed his pride at the moment when he won the 2017 Snooker World Cup in his hometown. He said: “Today’s game was very difficult. We did not play very well in doubles in the two matches in the afternoon and evening. On the other hand, singles is much better. In the first few games such as the group stage, Dabo’s performance is very good. This way I relax and save a lot of energy. It is not easy to win this championship. In the end, I won the game and stayed. Very good memory.”

In this World Cup, Ding Junhui participated in the deciding game of two games. In the 5th game of winning against Hong Kong, Ding Junhui scored 52 points in a single stroke. With Fu Jiajun taking the lead in scoring 52 points in a single stroke, Ding Junhui staged a reversal with 67 points. Efforts to send the Chinese A team to the top 8. Standing on the stage of the deciding game again today, Ding Junhui showed strong confidence in the key ball, and finally relied on a single shot of 59 to be divided into the Chinese team to fight for the championship trophy. Ding Junhui said: “I am quite confident in my decisive ability. I shouldn’t lose to anyone in the decisive game. Of course, I won in the end today. It was thrilling and not thrilling.

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