Asian Chamber Meeting: Zhao Xintong’s Perfect End, Chinese Taiwanese Team’s 5 Golds Set Record High

On the evening of September 26, the 2017 Asian Chamber Billiards game ended in Turkmenistan. In the final men’s snooker singles final, Chinese teenager Zhao Xintong played steadily and defeated Iranian player Wafi 4-2, adding another heavy gold medal for the Chinese Taiwanese team. So far, the Chinese pool team has set a record high with 5 golds and 3 bronzes, and has further widened the gap with other Asian countries and regions.


The Asian Chamber Meeting held every four years is the largest indoor comprehensive sports meeting in Asia, and the Turkmenistan Asian Chamber Meeting is the fifth since its birth. In the first few game days, the 10-man Chinese Taiwanese team made frequent successes. After 00, Yan Bingtao won the first gold for the Chinese Taiwanese team in six red ball singles. Han Yu, the two-time women’s 9-ball World Championship champion, won the second gold medal in the women’s 9-ball singles. Next, Liu Haitao, a member of the American billiards national team, and professional snooker player Lu Haotian left a good story. The two resolved various unfavorable factors and made a splendid aspiration in the men’s 9-ball doubles event.

On the last match day of the billiards event, Chen Siming fully demonstrated the world’s No. 1 style in the women’s 10-ball singles.

Men’s snooker singles is the last item of billiards. Our teenager had a chance to lock in one gold and one silver in advance. However, Zhou Yuelong missed a great opportunity to lead in the semi-finals and was reversed by Iranian professional player Wafi 3-4, so that the final was finally played between Zhao Xintong and Wafi.

The final will start at 9pm Beijing time. In the first game, after some trials, Zhao Xintong, who was only 20 years old, took the lead to play his own rhythm, leading the city with a single shot of 45 points and 71-10. Wafi, who was two years older than him, was not to be outdone, scoring 44 points and 66-9 to tie the score to 1-1.

With a beautiful 70 points, Zhao Xintong regained the lead with 2-1. Next, Zhao Xintong made a 91-34 victory and won the match point 3-1. Unwilling to lose, Wafi tried his best to chase points. After some entanglement, Wafi recovered a match point 73-25.

In the face of the opponent’s step by step pressing, Zhao Xintong had to be more involved. At the beginning of the sixth game, although Zhao Xintong was quickly interrupted, he never left any attacking opportunity for his opponent. In the end, Zhao Xintong sealed the victory 77-0 and won 4-2 with a total score of 4-2, adding another heavy gold medal for the Chinese Taiwanese team.

The billiards project entered the Asian Chamber for the first time in Macau in 2007. The Chinese team won 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. In 2009 Hanoi Asian Chamber Conference, China 4 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze. In the 2013 Incheon Asian Games (Asian Indoor and Budo Games combined into one), the results of the Chinese team were 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. At this Asian Chamber Meeting, the Chinese Taiwanese team not only set a record high with 5 golds and 3 bronzes, but also further consolidated the number one throne in Asia.

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