Ding Junhui: I hope to overcome the fatigue of the journey and adjust to the best to achieve ideal results

On March 9th, Beijing time, Xingpai Gujing Gongjiu · Vintage Puree 2014 Snooker Haikou World Open held a pre-match press conference at Haikou New State Guest House. All 67 players who participated in the competition attended. After the press conference, Ding Junhui accepted an interview from the media. Mentioned the state, he hoped to overcome the fatigue of the journey and adjust to the best state, hoping to achieve ideal results.

Ding Junhui just came from Dongguan last night. Although he has settled down after playing the game, he still feels tired: “The journey is more tiring, and the energy is not very good. Take time to rest.”

This season’s Ding Junhui has exploded continuously and has reached the finals of the major rankings 5 ​​times and won 4 crowns and 1 second. Will continuous participation affect Ding Junhui’s state? Ding Junhui replied: “There should be some (impact). I am not too worried about this. I will still rest. My game is not the first day. I will adjust myself to a good state through the spare time of these two days. I hope Adjust the state through the first round.”

Welsh Open finals, we witnessed the long-lost Ding Olympic Games, although in the end Ding Junhui lost to O’Sullivan 3-9, missed the season’s five consecutive championships, and completed the opponent’s 12th shot 147. Would it help to play against O’Sullivan? In this regard, Ding Junhui believes: “In fact, the finals did not play very well, and the help was great. There were very few opportunities to play against him. I knew from the finals that I was short of points and hoped that training would make up for it.”

There are currently 5 major ranking tournaments in China. Counting the Wuxi Classic champions who were not ranked before, Ding Junhui has won the China Open in Beijing, the Shanghai Masters and the Chengdu International Championships, but for those who have not won the championship. In the Haikou match, Ding Junhui naturally hopes to achieve good results: “Haikou did not play very well in the previous sessions. He lost to Higgins last year and hopes to go further this year and strive to obtain some more satisfactory results.”

The humid weather in Haikou has always been one of the focus of players’ heated discussion. In the previous two years, many players also mentioned this issue, which somewhat affected the normal performance of the players. For Ding Junhui, the same is true. However, Ding Junhui also said: “I have adapted a little in Dongguan. The weather here is good, not as wet as expected.” I hope he can achieve ideal results in this competition.

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