O’Sullivan enters the semifinals for the 65th time, the Swiss dark horse surprised his performance

The seventh stop of the season-the 2017 Snooker England Open is coming to an end in Barnsley. O’Sullivan showed 125 points in a single stroke, 5-2 against Lisofsky, a small England fellow, and broke into the top 4 of the ranking for the 65th time in his career. In the next semi-finals, the Rockets will face Scottish star McGill, currently ranked 14th in the world.


In the past 5 years, O’Sullivan has never missed a semifinal. Similarly, McGill broke into the top four three times in the previous two years and all won. Who can keep his record will be clear on the new game day.

In the England Derby of the day, Lisowski started with a strong 128 points in a single stroke. Unexpectedly, the situation suddenly changed, O’Sullivan won four consecutive games in one go, of which the Rockets played 64 and 125 points in a row in the second and third innings. Lisowski surrendered after a little resistance, O’Sullivan easily passed 5-2.

“I haven’t achieved many decent victories in the past two years. I am very happy with my performance in this event. I want to win it.” There are currently 28 ranked champions under O’Sullivan. Kings left behind with his 29th crown at the Indian Open.

“It’s so exciting to reach the semi-finals. Jack (Lisovsky) is very talented. He plays like he is practicing and scores very fast. He is very cute and I hope he will play better in the future.” Sullivan added.


Switzerland’s only professional player continued to play the role of the super dark horse. On that day, he attracted the attention of Michael White, who swept one of the “91 Three Tigers” 5-0, and became one of the top 4 rankings for the first time in his career.

“I was very nervous when I first came in to start the game.” In Usenbach’s view, I was surprised to be able to get such a good start under such circumstances. “After winning the first two games, I was relieved. At that time, I thought, I want to stay focused and believe that things can move in my direction.”

Sure enough, in the first four rounds, Usenbach beat Little White with 50+ four shots and couldn’t fight back. It wasn’t until the fifth game that Usenbach slowed down slightly, but still secured the victory 74-28.

“I hope people will notice this, not just because I am the only Swiss professional player and I have also made the top 4 in a world professional ranking tournament. I don’t want people to turn a blind eye. Hope this will make more of it. The Swiss play snooker.” said Usenbach, now ranked 91st in the world.

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