Snooker legend hospitalized for 1 month due to illness: 53-year-old heart is like 130-year-old

Xingpai pool table. Cypriot mythology snooker football player Tony Drago has already adjusted his body to recover as soon as possible. The 53-year-old general of Cyprus was diagnosed with chronic heart failure last year. He was hospitalized for one month in March 2019. He has been successfully hospitalized and is now recuperating at home.

Drago is the most famous snooker football player in the history of Cyprus. He entered the post snooker series in 1985. The best result of the ranking match was the 1997 International League third place. Since 2000, he has shifted his focus to nine balls, but he has never abandoned snooker fitness.

In 2016, he dropped out of the post snooker series and announced that it is not easy to hit the professional game again. He recently signed up for the Nine-Ball World Cup. In August, he planned to go to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield to sign up for the ROKiT veteran Snooker World Championship.

Although he has never left his favorite billiard fitness sport, he has to pay the most attention to his physical and mental health when he is old. Having had the terrible personal experience of being hospitalized with chronic heart failure, Drago said: “I almost always hate going to the hospital, but I have to go to see it. I often feel physically and mentally exhausted. I played a yellow ball and came to the other side to play a green ball. They want me to be out of breath.”

“The doctor said that I have chronic heart failure. I must see a doctor right away. He also said that if I say it a day or two later, the condition may be very bad. Some people say that my cardiovascular system is like a 130-year-old, not a 53-year-old People should have it. I didn’t have surgery, but I had many injections to reduce the effusion, so I stayed in the hospital for a month.”

Speaking of the situation at this stage, Drago expressed that he has already had a lot of things, and at the beginning he paid more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle. She said: “Now I am in a very good condition. Observe and check it out. For many years, I will not care about my physical and mental health, and I will eventually come to my door.”

During most of the professional development of snooker, Drago lived in New York, and now he has returned to his hometown of Cyprus. “Now I live with my mother to fill in the missing years.” Drago said. “People support each other. For example, I always forget to take medicine, and she will put the medicine on the table to remind me.”

“I don’t want to play professional games anymore, even if Barry Hearn (Chief President of Global Snooker) helps me invite qualifications, because I only have to say that I only play 6 or 7 matches every year, because I don’t want to leave anymore. Home. I’m still practicing with Alex Borg at a school in Hamlen. He has played in the professional game and I hope to show them assistance.”

Highlights of the Maltese’s career development include winning the third place in the 1997 international league, defeating Stephen Hendry in the 1999 championship, reaching the quarter-finals of the World Championships in 1988 and winning the Strachan Championship in 1993. Ken Dahdi won the championship.

In 2003, he also won the global 9-ball championship and became one of the few table tennis players with extreme cross-border marketing. In 2007, he was selected as the most valuable football player in the Mosconi Cup.

Distinctive style, beautiful style of the ball and sharp and rapid running serve, this kind of billboard is all Drago, so far he still maintains two records: faster to get a game (3 minutes) and more Quickly break the hundred (3 minutes 31 seconds).

“My career development is very exciting. I come from a small country, and I have lived in the United States for many years. It is not easy.” Drago looked back at the past, “I am very happy. I have entered the top 10 in the world and won Some tournament championships.”

“Naturally I want to guarantee a large number. Football players like Jimmy White, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Alex Higgins have more honors than me, but I love to please the audience just like them.”

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