“Post-00” billiards beauty player Wang Ye: You can put down Chinese billiards and you can also settle down on the table

Xingpai billiard table “Billiards table and writing desk both take up my time, sometimes they will’fight and fight’. But we have to put down the billiard table and the writing table in our lives.” The 18-year-old primary and middle school student Wang also fell down soon. Said after the curtain of the Chinese Billiards World Championships won the third place medal.

“Wang is also a very good young generation of billiards player, the overall strength is strong, full performance and stability.” Finals enemy, two-time Chinese billiards and nine-ball national champion Chen Siming commented.

Wang, who was born in 2001, was also a second-year student of Hebei Hengshui No. 1 Middle School. During her training, she had the pressure of entrance exams and was often troubled by exam results. She was a fast, accurate and stable billiard player on the court, once she got on the stage. The club always has kinetic energy that is not used up. In her daily life, she puts both the billiard table and the writing desk out, which is a good balance between the two.

“Compared with plush dolls, the little girl Wang also likes billiards more.” Wang Changqi, the uncle and coach of Wang Ye, said. When the little girl was 7 years old, she soon appeared on the pool table and just started playing billiards. She grew up playing with balls. of.

Because Wang also has to be busy with schoolwork, Wang also only spends three hours a day on training. She can only continuously improve work efficiency and improve the actual effect of training. “Especially on national holidays, some golfers will be busy with leisure and entertainment, reunion and neglect the practice. At this time, I can spend a lot of time on training, which is also counted as a corner surpassing.” When it came time to practice football, Wang Ye said with a smile, choosing the right angle of view, making a sharp shot, and playing billiards is a very “cool” thing.

“Wang also likes to read books. The pool table sometimes becomes her writing desk.” Wang Changqi said. She has a lot of money to practice ball. Sometimes it takes more than an hour to hold the bar. She will sit next to the table while resting. Reading articles for extracurricular readings. “Spend the rest time to reading, because reading a book means the best rest.” Wang Ye said, although she is busy with practice and schoolwork, she spends her spare time watching “Cai Gen Tan” and “Troubled Times”. “Beauty” and other famous articles.

“The two-way pressure of playing basketball and studying and training has allowed Wang to develop a habit of self-discipline. She will strictly abide by the schedule and reduce the extravagant waste of time.” Wang Changqi said that Wang also loves beauty like girls of the same age. , Usually she is not make-up, she can only dress before the game without scolding the time. “That means paying attention to the audience and the enemy.” Wang also stated.

Wang’s outstanding performance in table tennis also made her a “little star” in the academy. “It is widely circulated among the classmates that there is a beautiful girl who is very good at playing basketball, but most of them only know the name and don’t know this person.” Wang Ye said with a little forgotten, many people suggested that I go professional now. Competition, will get better test scores, but I am unwilling to give up schoolwork, study and training can make people go a long way.

Apart from the usual training time, Wang also has three and a half months to deal with dozens of matches every year, and a large part of her time is occupied by table tennis. “Vitality is relatively limited. In the second year of junior high, I took a year off to concentrate on training. There is a certain degree of difficulty in balancing study and training with practice, but I am still diligent. Billiards robbed time.” Wang also said.

The work pressure of learning, training and playing basketball can sometimes make Wang, who is extroverted, feel depressed. At this moment, she loves to go out and adjust her emotional work pressure or send her WeChat Moments to vent her mentality. “When I am in my third year of high school, I will reduce the competition and spend a lot of time on studying; after entering college, I want to learn tea art, folk dance, electronic organ…” When it comes to preparing for future life, Wang has too much to talk about.

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