The climate has changed and there is no need to limit when will the first female player from Cruze appear?

Among the sports of snooker billiards, the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield is the most beautiful temple. In the past 40 years or so, everyone has confirmed thousands of fascinating moments, naturally without exception, this kind of moment is naturally all male football players who originated from the core position of snooker. Needless to say, if there is a female football player playing the same game with a male football player on the top performance stage that represents such a fitness sport, this scene will be fascinating just thinking about it.

The 11th Women’s Snooker National Champion Ryan Evans is the closest female football player there. She has entered the post series, and entered the main match in the 2013 Wuxi City Classic, becoming the first female football player in history to enter the post-snooker ranking competition. In 2017, in the England team Ponze Fudge, she defeated Robin Hull 10-8 in the first round of the World Championships qualifiers, only need to win two more to promote the fairy tale scene. Although she was eliminated in the second round, Evans felt that the first round victory was her “career best.”

In terms of contribution, Evans deserves to be the most outstanding female snooker player, but in the current women’s game, she has to temporarily abdicate young people. Nowadays, the world’s number one female snooker table tennis player belongs to the Hong Kong SAR football player Wu Anyi, then people may be able to hope: Does she mean that female football players will be promoted again, so that women football players can truly stand in Cruise What about the Fort Theater?

At this stage, Wu Anyi has three women’s national championships and four women’s British championships. He has also won the “Best of the Year” at the Hong Kong Sports Star Award twice. Hong Kong is deeply concerned and recognized. However, it has won three shocking World Championships. In the whole process of the competition, she has never beaten any male contestant.

Speaking of the “gender imbalance” of snooker fitness, the 6-time national champion Steve Richardson felt that it would be difficult for women to “favorate” snooker like men. This caused the overall standard to be too low. But Wu Anyi feels that there is no big difference in the mental state of snooker between men and women. What a woman must say is to resist each other a lot of men and women.

As the supervisory organization of the snooker fitness exercise, the World Taiwan Federation (WPBSA) has always encouraged women to participate in this fitness exercise in large numbers. In May 2019, everyone still celebrated the theme event of “Snooker Girl Day” at the Crucible Theater during the World Championships. The current chairman Jason Ferguson conveyed the spirit of the Global Taiwan Federation in the theme event. “It is a very good fitness sport, a fitness sport that can compete between men and women. This world post-snooker series is open to anyone.”

“People have already made great progress, but adding club teams and billiard table equipment to the snooker fitness sport cannot attract women, but what people expect most is the participation of a large number of women, and women have the same ability to work. With the same test scores as men, people’s series of games will not be hindered by gender, and people will continue to work hard to eliminate the difference in standards between male and female friends.”

The Women’s Snooker World Championships originated in 1976, and today’s No. 1 snooker in the world is not a “Selby” that was first known to others. The full name was Vera Selby. The contestants won the first women’s snooker national championship medal, and defeated Mandy Fisher in 1981 to win the championship again. The latter is the current chairman of today’s global women’s snooker.

In the six years around the turn of the century, the middle and late stages of the Women’s World Championships were once able to be held at the Cruisersburg Theater, which was held together with the World Championships of the Post Series. “Looking back to the 1980s, I was able to sign up for announcement events and exhibition games across the country, and often went to the club team to play basketball,” Fisher recalled. “The luckiest thing is that my style has changed a lot at that time.”

Today, women’s participation in snooker is no longer limited, but popular. So what is it that hinders the development of women’s standards? From Fisher’s point of view, women football players must first be a lot of Exposure: “People must see too many women playing snooker on the TV. These football players will be role models for other girls, and this move will also generate advertisers for football players.”

Talking about how long it will take for a female football player to qualify for the World Championships, Fisher did not have too much hope:

It would be enough if I could see that scene happen in this life.

Naturally, people return to reality. Only the most stable and malleable football players can stand on the World Championships. The World Championships at the Cruzeburg Theater are the ideals of all snooker football players. All football players expect to have their brightest main performance there. When mentioning which “sacred altar”, Wu Anyi expressed that she got goose bumps.

“My ultimate goal is to play basketball at the Crucible Theater. According to the live broadcast, both my parents and football fans can see my main performance.” Wu Anyi expressed hope, “I don’t know if I am the first. A guaranteed female football player, but I have continued to work hard. If I want to maintain this ideal, I must first believe that I can guarantee.”

From March 28 to 31, 2019, the Women’s Snooker World Championships will be held as a branch of the 2019 Global Snooker Research Association Open. The address is located in the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. At that time, Wu Anyi will do Played for the women’s national championship.

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