Grand Prix Zhao Xintong 1-4 Higgins China’s entire army wiped out Xiaote and missed the quarterfinals

The 2020 Snooker Global Challenge was launched again. Zhao Xintong lost 1-4 to Higgins in the second round, and the Chinese Army was also destroyed. Trump lost 3-4 to Karen Wilson and missed the quarterfinals, while Robertson swept Marco Williams 4-0.

After Zhao Xintong defeated Yan Bingtao 4-2 in the first round, he became the only seed of the Chinese Army in this challenge. The enemy in the second round was Higgins. In the past, Zhao Xintong clashed with Higgins 3 times, 1 win and 2 losses slightly down the wind. In the match, Zhao Xintong fell to a low level and was significantly inferior to Higgins in terms of defense and situational manipulation. Although he lost one game and then scored 57 points in the second game to win the next game, he has lost three consecutive games since then. In the round, a big score of 1-4 and a defeat to the enemy, the Chinese Legion was eliminated in this challenge.

Trump, ranked number one in the world, had Karen Wilson the enemy in the second round. Trump played poorly in the first four games and only scored 77 points in the second game to get one game, with a big score of 1-3. In the fifth game, Trump won with 100 points in a single stroke, and in the sixth game, he won again to 3 draws. In the deciding game, Trump scored 50 points and missed the opportunity of the blue number. Karen Wilson won thrillingly and Trump was eliminated 3-4. In the quarter-finals, Karen Wilson’s enemy will be Higgins.

Robertson challenged Marco Williams in the second round of toe gout, but the event was completely one-sided. Robertson fired up 2 and scored 100 points on a single stroke. The third round was also 100 points per stroke. The fourth round was in the game. Nagisa over 100 in the third stroke, occupied 105 points and continued two zero seals. A big score of 4-0 replaced Jin with his right hand and was eliminated.

Perry challenged Donaldson, who defeated Ding Junhui in the first round, scored 52 points in the first round and scored three consecutive rounds, winning the match point 3-0. Donaldson counterattacked. In the fourth and fifth innings, he scored two consecutive shots and scored 114 points and 120 points to catch up to 3-2. In the sixth game, Perry cleared the stage and won, defeating Donaldson 4-2 by a big score, and reaching the quarterfinals to become Robertson’s enemy in the quarter-finals.

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